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Elleebana Online Lash Aand Brow Lamination Combo Course

Elleebana Online Lash And Brow Lamination Combo Course

Hi Beauty Warehouse Family,

We hope you are enjoying the benefits of having the ability to sell the Elleebana online courses.  Globally these courses have been receiving rave reviews.

We have a wonderful new course for you all to list and I will be sending you the pages and imagery for you to load to your site so you can now sell our Online Elleeplex Profusion Lash and Brow Lamination Combination Course. 

Here is the link for you to read about the online course and the course inclusions and pricing from our site -

So you can see from this link the student receives so much in this course kit and so many brilliant and valuable units though you will see the course price has been made cheaper than if they were to purchase both the Lash and the Brow Lamination courses separately, this is because they wont require two kits sent to them and can use the same brilliant kit to perform both services. 

The course listed on our website is $770 inclusive of GST.

And as always, we will work to drive customers to purchase from your site by allowing the course to be sold on your site for $720 (a saving of $50 to the student).  In addition to this, like all of our other online courses, we will credit you the $50 fee whenever a student books through your site and we will send all of the products to the student for you.  The student can book for their online session directly with us and we will manage the training for the student also. 

For the time being we will not be combining these courses for hands on training outside of the courses we will be offering here at Elleebana HQ in Burleigh heads and so if you have a student that really wants to sign up for both courses, we would encourage you to recommend the online training option through your website.