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Do Gua Sha Facials Really Work – A Dermatologist Perspective featured blog post article image by

The internet has been abuzz with gua sha facial tools, promising sculpted cheekbones, lymphatic drainage, and a youthful glow. But what does a dermatologist, a licensed expert in skin health, say about this skincare trend? Let’s separate fact from fiction and probe the science behind the gua sha facial roller.

What is Gua Sha & How to use the gua sha facial tool

Gua sha is a traditional Chinese medicine technique originally used to treat muscle tension and pain. When it comes to skincare, a smooth gua sha tool, often made from jade or rose quartz, is used to scrape the face in upward strokes gently. Proponents claim this improves circulation, reduces puffiness, and promotes a sculpted appearance.

Here’s how to use a gua sha facial tool step-by-step:

Cleanse and Prep: Start with a facial cleanser and add a serum or oil to reduce friction and create a slip.

Hold the Tool: Place the flat side of the gua sha tool against your skin while holding it comfortably.

Upward and Outward Strokes: Starting at the centre of the chin, gently glide the tool upwards and outwards towards the earlobe. Repeat on the other side.

Move Upward: Make similar strokes around the eyes, cheeks, forehead, and jawline (avoid making direct contact with the eyeball). All along, apply light pressure.

Repeat and Relax: Perform 3-5 strokes per area and repeat on the entire face.

Clean Up: Afterward, wipe the gua sha tool clean and gently cleanse the face to remove any remaining oil.

Benefits of Gua Sha Facials

Enhanced blood flow

  1. The Gua Sha Facial increases circulation, gives the skin essential nutrients, and produces a radiant, healthy complexion.

Moreover, drinking more water lowers the chance of breakouts, encourages cleaner skin, and aids in the removal of waste and toxins from the body.

  1. Blood circulation

A light Gua Sha massage helps relieve inflammation, help eliminate extra fluid, and activate the lymphatic system.

Gua sha facials can help define the jaw and facial bones by promoting lymphatic drainage, which helps sculpt the face.

  1. Enhanced skin elasticity

Frequent gua sha facials stimulate collagen and encourage cell regeneration, which helps tighten the skin.

Firmer skin helps to minimise wrinkles and fine lines, making the skin appear younger.

  1. Relaxation and stress recovery

The gentle, rhythmic movements of a Gua sha facial roller can help relax facial muscles and reduce tension in the mouth and jaw.

Not only can this relaxation benefit the skin, but it can also boost overall well-being by reducing stress and anxiety.

Managing Expectations: What Gua Sha Can (and Can’t) Do

Gua sha can be a relaxing and circulation-boosting addition to your skincare routine. However, it’s essential to manage expectations. Here’s our take on it:

Temporary Effects: Any benefits you see from gua sha are likely temporary, lasting a few hours at most. It’s not a substitute for a comprehensive skincare routine with proven ingredients like sunscreen, retinoids, and antioxidants.

Wrinkle Reduction: Claims that Gua Sha can drastically reduce wrinkles or lift the face permanently lack adequate scientific support. While some studies suggest it can tighten the skin, the side effects may be minimal.

Focus on Healthy Habits: For long-term skin health, prioritise a balanced diet, adequate sleep, and sun protection. These habits create a foundation for healthy, glowing skin.

Consult a Professional: If you’re interested in trying gua sha, consult a licensed aesthetician who is experienced in the technique. They can guide you on proper application and pressure to minimise any risks.

Pro Tip: For best results and to prevent tugging or dragging on the skin, you can pair it with essential oil or hyaluronic acid-based serums like Salonsense Hyaluronic Boost Serum.

Most importantly, use more sunscreen. Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher on a daily basis is the most critical step in preventing premature ageing and skin cancer.

Safety Considerations:

While generally safe for most people, there are some potential downsides to gua sha facials:

Redness and Bruising: Excessive pressure during gua sha can cause temporary redness or bruising. This is especially true for those with sensitive skin or conditions like rosacea.

Improper Technique: If you don’t use the gua sha facial tool correctly, it can irritate or worsen existing skin problems. It’s essential to consult a professional who can show you how to use it.

Gua Sha Facial Is More Than Just a Trend

Gua Sha facials are not just a passing trend; they have proven benefits for the skin. If you want to take your spa or clinic to the next level, consider adding Gua Sha facials to your menu. Your clients will thank you for it!

Now, let’s get you and your clients ready to glow from within with a Gua Sha facial! For all your wholesale beauty supplies, visit our website or one of our four store locations: Beauty Warehouse Mortdale, Caringbah, Five Dock, or Campbelltown.