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4 Hair Colours That Experts Say Will Be Everywhere in 2022

Whether you want a total change in your looks by going blonde, or simply want to add depth and dimension to your existing hair colour with highlights, switching up your hair colour is an easy and fast way to reinvent your appearance. As a modern woman, we know that you want to stay updated with the latest hair trends. For an amazing hair revamp, changing your hair colour will definitely add energy and vibe not only to your looks but also to your personality and outlook. Let’s take a look at some of the freshest and most popular hair colours for 2022. 

Give your Hair its Much-Needed TLC 

After two years of low-maintenance, at-home colouring, get ready for high-maintenance hair care. It’s never wrong to splurge on yourself a bit. Now that you are slowly going back to pre-Covid routine, you need to prepare yourself for more socialising. It’s time for you to shine and put your best foot forward again. You may opt to colour your hair with a totally different colour or simply add highlights if you want to be conservative about revamping your look. 

Choose a hair colour that perfectly fits your natural base colour, personal tastes, and lifestyle. You can choose from platinum blonde, and copper to bright pinks and browns. Here are some top hair colour trends worth considering:

  • Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is all the rage in 2022. It is a bold look that requires commitment, which means regular upkeep and the use of specific haircare products at home. Before you bleach your hair, it is best to ensure that this hair shade will look good on you. Before drastically changing your hair colour, it may be best to try a wig first. This is to ensure that the colour will complement your skin tone. If you feel like you need to be fully made up to make this hair shade work on you, chances are it will wash you out and it will be difficult to maintain in the long haul. If it looks good on you try the vibrant Affinage Lite Blonde in 7L. This hair colour delivers superior lightening results to achieve the platinum blonde shade that you desire. It is designed to give you up to seven levels of lift, thanks to its fast action processing formulation. It also contains Kaolin clay which increases hair elasticity. 

  • Curlights

More women are embracing their naturally curly hair. Instead of straightening it, women are now more willing to enhance their look by maintaining their curls and adding highlights instead. Highlighted curls come with the fear of damaging the delicate hair strands or losing their beautiful curly patterns. This is especially true if you are using hair colours with high ammonia content. When it comes to highlighting curly hair, it is ideal to get it from a professional salon instead. You can always bring your desired hair colour and have your stylist perform the application instead. If you like to add a touch of whimsy to your look, we recommend using Affinage Colour Blast in Pink. The pastel pink hue is not too loud but will add that much-needed excitement to your look. 

  • Dark Brunette

An almost-black hair will add depth and dimension to your look without going too extreme with your hair colour choices. A dark brunette colour will look black in some lights and in others, your hair may appear with hints of brown. This is ideal for those with naturally lighter hair colour. You can perform DIY hair colour when you opt for a dark brunette colour, since there is a small chance of getting the colouring technique wrong. The Affinage Infiniti Permanent in Dark Mahogany Brown is an easy-to-use kit that even beginners can readily apply at home. It features DAT2 Technology wherein hair colour is lifted, and the dye is deposited effectively at the same time. With its built-in lifting mechanism, the processing time and developer strength are effectively reduced. This allows your hair to remain healthy and smooth even after the use of hair dyes. 

  • Copper 

The pale strawberry shade of copper will give you a youthful and innocent vibe. If you have blonde hair or a red colour on, this is an easy hair makeover that you can do at home. A copper hair dye like the Affinage Infiniti Permanent in Red Copper is a great colour choice if you have pale or an almost blonde base colour with copper undertones. 

To check our more trendy hair colours for 2022, we highly recommend checking out our wide selection of Affinage hair dyes here. Here at Beauty Warehouse, we also offer Affinage hair care products, including shampoo, conditioner, clay wax, hair creams, and repair masks to maintain your lush and vibrant hair. Check out our branches in Wollongong, Leumeah, Caringbah, Mortdale, and Five Dock or call our direct line on 1300 929 033 for enquiries.