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The Best New Way to Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin

It is common to have a double chin or even triple chin as we age. Bear in mind that having a double chin means that you are dealing with weight issues although it may affect your sense of confidence and social life. Although the cause of double chin is obesity, there are other contributing factors as well. Whether you are perfectly healthy, underweight, or losing weight, you may still develop a double chin. 

But What is a Double Chin?

Under the chin is a layer of fat referred to as submental, the primary cause of double chin. Submental fat develops when there is considerable weight gain, but as mentioned earlier, there is more to the presence of a double chin. 

What Are the Predisposing Factors of Double Chin?

There are various factors that contribute to the development of the double chin. Oftentimes, a double chin may develop due to the expansion and contraction of the skin as a response to weight gain and weight loss. 

A double chin may also be caused by ageing, due to the fact that our skin’s elasticity reduces over time. Other reasons for the development of double chin includes:

  • Genetics

Genetics dictates the way the body fat distribution in various areas of the body. There are some people who store excess fat around the waist and thighs, while some may gain weight immediately and store fats around the hips. Therefore, a double chin is a natural way that your body stores extra fat. In your case, the body may carry extra fat along your jawline instead. 

  • Body Posture

Poor posture may be due to the weakening of the platysma muscles, the muscles that connect the neck and chin muscles. This condition can result in the development of a double chin, as the skin surrounding the muscles along the jawline becomes less elastic. 

  • Ageing 

Our skin becomes less elastic as we age, especially around the facial region. This condition can result in excessive or saggy skin around the jawline that contributes to the development of a double chin.

  • Weight Gain 

It is commonplace for fat to build all over the body when you gain excess weight. Unfortunately, the weight gain can be quite noticeable, especially under the chin or jaw areas. Weight gain around the face can be troublesome, depending on the body type of an individual. 

  • Unhealthy Diet

Food items containing high levels of calories, refined carbohydrates, and saturated fats that may result in excess weight gain and ultimately result in the formation of a double chin. 

Ways on How to Reduce a Double Chin 

If you want to banish your double chin or reduce its appearance, here are ways to do it:

  • Follow a Healthy Diet

Switching to a healthy diet is a natural and effective way to reduce the appearance of your double chin. Lower your calorie intake, increase vegetable intake, and avoid the consumption of processed foods. Yet another way to combat weight gain is to replace the consumption of refined grains with whole grains and establish moderate intake of sugars. Instead, increase protein intake to lose fat and replace them with muscles. 

  • Be More Active

The body naturally burns fat through physical exercises. Face and neck exercises can help reduce the fat along the chin and jaw lines, ultimately banishing double chins. 

  • Use a Lifting Band

There are many aesthetic products that you can use to reduce the appearance of double chins. For instance, the Secret Lift Pro Neck is a brand-new product that is designed to contour the jawline and reduce double chins. This US patent-pending lifting band helps tighten excess skin layers around the chin. It’s an effective and 100% safe lifting band that shapes and defines the face. One kit of Secret Lift Pro Neck contains 12 pre-assembled lifting bands. You can use it daily or before special occasions. 

How Do You Lose Double Chins Immediately?

If you want to see results immediately, there are expert ways to do it. If you cannot wait for months to lose your double chins, you can consider these measures to see instant results. 

However, you may need to utilise a multi-faceted approach depending on your genetics, age, and other factors. Here are a few treatments that can help you achieve instant results. 

  • Cosmetic Treatments

Despite weight loss and regular workouts, you may still have a double chin. The good news is that aesthetic treatments can provide a quick and effective solution to this problem. 

  • Facial moisturisers

Moisturisers featuring vitamins and botanical extracts can firm up your skin, provide hydration, and restore your youthful radiance. 

  • Aesthetic Devices

You can use chin applicators that can supply ingredients such as caffeine, collagen, and vitamins to rejuvenate the skin along your jawline and chin. 

  • Aesthetic Surgery 

If your double chin is worsening, you may consider invasive procedures. Here are a few cosmetic interventions that you can consider:

  • Mesotherapy involves injecting compounds that dissolve submental fact along the chin and jawline. 
  • Liposculpting involves the removal of fat by suctioning through the use of laser technology. 
  • Coolsculpting involves freezing the fat cells rather than melting them using laser lipolysis technology. 

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