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Love is in the Hair

Love is in the Hair article image by Beauty Warehouse

Trying out new haircare products is inarguably exciting for women. Hair is our crowning glory after all. The state of our hair affects our mood and self-esteem, it is imperative that we look for products that work excellently in resolving the different hair issues that we have. 

If you are looking for a hair care brand that you can trust to deliver optimal results, we highly recommend giving Affinage Professional a try. Affinage is an Australian company that is growing in popularity due to its promising haircare line offering. The company is known for producing salon-grade hair care products and at-home products, too. They have an extensive range of shampoos, conditioners, styling products, and treatments that are specifically designed for the most common concerns of women these days. 

One major selling point of Affinage Professional is that you can purchase it wholesale or buy it for personal use. The brand currently has three collections based on common hair issues and types- for dry, damaged hair, coloured hair, and blonde hair support. Affinage is also known for their Affinage Infiniti hair colours all made from the finest ingredients, promising sophisticated colour finishes.  Let’s look at some of the best-selling products from Affinage.

  • Affinage Blonde Toning Shampoo

The low pH, sulphate-free formula is gentle on the hair strands while doing its job effectively. Affinage Blonde Toning Shampoo contains the right concentration of ingredients that effectively removes brassy tones from blonde hair and adds silver to grey hair. This yellow-blonde solution contains nourishing ingredients, including emu apple, Kakadu plum, and a UV filter ingredient to protect the hair and scalp from external factors while ensuring long-lasting vibrant colour. 

Apart from its effectiveness in maintaining blonde hair, it’s also easy to use. For silver-coloured hair, apply the solution sparingly, letting it sit on the hair for five minutes before rinsing. If you have dry hair, apply Affinage Miracle Repair Mask after. 

  • Affinage Sensitive Shampoo and Conditioner

Like all Affinage haircare products, this shampoo and conditioner essentials are 100% vegan and sulphate free. The Affinage Shampoo and conditioner are formulated for individuals who want gentle but effective cleansing and conditioning products, these products feature anti-inflammatory properties ideal for all hair types. If you have a sensitive scalp and easily get irritated from traditional shampoo and conditioning products, these are the best essentials that you will gladly switch to. 

  • Affinage Thermal Protectant

The hair takes a toll from all the processing, colouring, styling, and other treatments it undergoes. Of all the factors that contribute to hair damage, styling with hair appliances such as a straightening iron and curling iron are the worst. Intense heat from repeating heat styling results in dullness and dehydration. To save your hair from further damage while allowing you to continue to style your hair with these tools, you can rely on the Affinage Thermal Protectant.  

This easy-to-use spray is rich with nourishing ingredients, including Omega-9 and Avocado extract. It is also loaded with vitamins, including A, B5, and E. These ingredients cover the entire hair follicle, preventing heat from penetrating and breakdown the proteins in our hair. Apart from excellent heat protection, the Affinage Thermal Protectant also eliminates hair state, frizz, and dullness. 

  • Affinage Hydrating Shampoo

If you regularly heat style and colour hair, it’s important to choose a shampoo that restores the hair’s natural moisture and hydration. Chemical damage and mechanical damage to the hair caused by various factors will result in damage that can be hard to restore without professional intervention. The good news is that you can use the Affinage Hydrating Shampoo to resolve damages by nourishing hair strands from deep within. 

Made with premium ingredients including the Waratah Leaf, Kakadu Plum, and UV filter, the Affinage Hydrating Shampoo delivers a superior level of conditioning. The UV filter ingredient protects the hair from further sun damage and other environmental factors. 

  • Affinage Moisture Foam 

If your hair has not been cooperating lately, it’s a sign that it needs a quality leave-in conditioner. Leave-in conditioners may seem a bit of an excess for some, but that’s exactly what they’re designed to be, and in the best way possible. Consider the styling, processing, and colouring that it has endured for so long with little to no hydration in between. Even daily hair care practices such as friction from rough towels, contact with rough pillows, rough brushing, and tying, and you’re left with hair that is dry, brittle, and damaged. The perfect recipe to soothe and moisturise damaged hair comes in the form of the Affinage Moisture Foam. It will leave your hair nourished and tamed even in the most humid of conditions. The professional-grade leave-in formula contains hydrating ingredients, including hydrolysed protein that manages and hydrates your hair. 

We hope that these haircare products from Affinage inspire you to take extra care of your mane. To check out other Affinage products, including their colouring products, visit our wholesale salon supplies and beauty branches at Wollongong, Caringbah, Leumeah, Five Dock, and Mortdale. For additional enquiries, please contact us on 1300 929 033 today.