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Smoothen your Body with Natural Ingredients

Skincare is slowly digressing to times past when natural ingredients made up the whole of cleansing, moisturizing, and treating skin. Although new technology has allowed us to create synthetic skin care products, we are beginning to realize that in skincare, the best products are chemical free. 

Not only are natural products better for our skin and body, but they are also the most reasonable option in skincare. If you think about it, women have always found a way to keep their skin supple, young, and soft throughout the ages without the use of harsh chemicals present in today's skincare products. Natural skin care products have become more accessible in recent years, thanks to online stores and warehouses that offer premier beauty spa supplies in Sydney.

Natural, fully organic products such as olive and jojoba oils, honey, lemon, lavender, natural fruit extracts, the list can go on and on, are incredibly effective in maintaining beautiful, radiant skin.  Learn to nourish your skin without the build-up of toxins found in skin care products made of genetically modified organisms and start using natural body products from a reputable beauty product supplier. 

Natural Cleansers: Cleanse and Moisturize With Oils

Natural Oils

Natural oils such as pure virgin olive oil have amazing multi-purpose qualities. Olive oil especially is something you should always have in your home, whether it be used in the kitchen or the bathroom. However, make sure that the olive oil you use for your skin is cold pressed. The difference between olive oil you use for cooking and the olive oil you use for your skin is that the one used on your skin is extracted without using heat. This prevents denaturing the natural compounds in the olive oil and allows you to get the maximum number of benefits. 

Nourishing Oils 

Jojoba oil is excellent for people with acne or skin problems. This oil is especially good for use on the face because it's moisturizing properties are similar to the natural sebum produced by our own bodies to moisturize the skin. Another great quality of jojoba oil is its absorption power. This oil is excellent for moisturizing the skin because it absorbs very quickly, which means that your body is actually using it. The thing that we tend to forget is that no matter how many lotions and creams we apply to our skin, if it doesn't absorb, it doesn't work.

Remove Dead Skin Cells with Natural Exfoliators

Sugar Scrub

This is a very basic yet very effective body scrub. The grains of sugar (use granulated brown sugar) help to slough away dead skin cells while the honey serves as an incredibly rich moisturizing agent. Simply mix in about one tablespoon of granulated brown sugar with a tablespoon of organic honey and apply it onto face in circular motions using only the tips of your fingers. 

This scrub is incredibly good-smelling and effective in removing dead skin cells from your face. Talk about a fresh face! For one use, combine one fourth of a mashed banana with two tablespoons of whole old-fashioned oats (raw) and one tablespoon of honey. For extra scrubbing power, you can also add one teaspoon of granulated brown sugar. Apply to face in circular motions and after about one minute of applying firm pressure, rinse off with warm water and get ready to glow. 

Australian Tropical Fruits are also an amazing organic solution for treating dark spots on the face and have been found to contain natural toners that help to significantly improve the clarity of your skin. Simply steam a whole carrot and after peeling it and smashing with a fork, add a teaspoon of extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil and a teaspoon of honey and then apply to your face. Leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. If you apply this simple mask about three times a week, you will begin to notice a difference in the clarity of your skin and those marks will begin to fade. 

Other Natural Body Moisturizers

Shea Butter

Shea butter is the god of body butters. This natural product is widely available in stores that offer wholesale beauty supplies all over Australia. Shea butter is completely organic, resembling a yellowish wax. Incredibly thick and firm, shea butter has been proven effective in treating stretch marks because of its deep moisturizing properties. Apply to your skin after showering, paying extra attention to dry areas and stretch mark prone areas. If you have not used shea butter before and are only now reading about it because you are pregnant and worried about stretch marks, you've stumbled upon the solution. Pregnant women should apply shea butter daily all over the body and about three times a day to the stomach area alone. This can significantly improve your chances of preventing stretch marks. 

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