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What Sets Bronsun Lash and Eyebrow Dyes Apart from the Competition?

What Sets Bronsun Lash and Eyebrow Dyes Apart from the Competition? article image by Beauty Warehouse

Bronsun has been in the lash and brow industry since 2017. The brand was created by Russian-based Innovator Cosmetics - the largest beauty company specialising in brow and lash products for professional and personal use. Bronsun has built a solid reputation in the beauty industry for the superior quality brow dye and tint formulations that it has been offering since it entered the market.

Leveraging the expertise of Innovator Cosmetics, Bronsun is now a staple in professional brow bars across the world. The brand is well-known for developing the first dye for both eyelashes and eyebrows that delivers an almost-henna effect. If you are a brow master or a relatively new business offering brow and lash enhancement services, you will highly benefit from utilising the top-notch product line offered by Bronsun. 

Bronsun Brow and Lash Products for Professionals and Novices Alike

If you are a salon owner who wishes to expand your service menu, adding brow and lash enhancements will prove to be a profitable venture in the long run. Modern women leading busy lives simply don’t have the time to take care of brows and lashes. They need a simple, convenient, and fast solution to look gorgeous without wasting time in front of the mirror doing their own brows or lashes day in and day out. This is where the demand for professional brow and lash services come in. 

Apart from the standard hair and nail care services, you can offer additional brow and lash enhancements to increase your profits. Like any other professional-grade service, you will need to gain education and training on how these services should be done. 

The good news is that Bronsun offers training courses to salon professionals who wish to enhance their skills set. The savvy nature of customers these days mean that they will look for a brow and lash specialist with ample skills in brow and lash services. To become a full-fledged brow and lash expert, you may sign up for Bronsun training course. Trainees are supplied not only with training materials but also lash and brow bundle packages, as well as everything that you need post-training. The professional training course is less than a week, allowing you to learn new skills without having to skip work or close your salon. 

Become Bronsun Distributor

To further boost your income potential, you can sign up and become an exclusive representative of Bronsun professional and personal brow and lash products. When you become a product distributor, you will be provided with all the necessary marketing support and training to earn money while at the same providing lash and brow enhancement services to your clients. 

Wide Assortment of Lash and Brow Products 

As Bronsun aims to elevate the brow and lash service industry, the company offers brand-new products on the market. By continuously investing in research and development, Bronsun can deliver better products and lend a hand to salon owners in providing an outstanding brow and lash experience to their clientele. 

Bronsun offers professional-grade products, as well as personal brow and lash enhancement solutions that are ideal for home DIY applications. 

Top-Calibre Formulations

Bronsun develops its lash and brow formulas in their facility. They pride themselves on creating products in-house, which in turn allows them to make the necessary adjustments to their formulations in record time. For large-scale clients, including salon franchises, Bronsun also offers its expertise in creating lash and brow products based on their clients’ specific requirements. 

Reliable and Safe Manufacturing Practices

All the ingredients and materials used in Bronsun products are made in their facility. They utilise industry-leading technologies that all goods leaving their facility are 100% safe, effective, and high quality. The large production capacity of Bronsun’s dedicated manufacturing centre means that clients are guaranteed to receive their orders without delays. 

Bronsun Top-Selling Products in Australia

  • Xtra-Resistant Paint for Eyelashes and Eyebrows

This professional-grade gel dye is the first-ever in the beauty industry. It is formulated to deliver a henna effect, ensuring outstanding richness of colour, vibrance, and longevity. The highly pigmented dye formulation stains the hairs and skin resulting in a graphic and intense outcome that can last up to 7 days on the skin and 7 weeks on hairs. The Xtra-Resistant Paint for Eyelashes and Eyebrows does not contain ammonia, making it an ideal brow and lash tinting product for all skin types. The Xtra-Resistant Paint comes in 7 colour options. 

  • Bronsun Gel Dye

This gel dye formulation can be used both in salons and at home. It is designed to create a graphic and voluminous result regardless of a client’s skin complexion and quality of brows. This product is used by many brow and lash bars in Australia as it helps hide sparse and thinning hairs effectively. 

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