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The Best Waxing Products to Use on Your Face and Body

The Best Waxing Products to Use on Your Face and Body article image by Beauty Warehouse

Waxing is an uncomfortable procedure as it is, but choosing which type of wax to use is just as frustrating. Whether you’re planning to DIY at home or own a waxing salon, it’s important to have an in-depth understanding of which wax is best for different areas of the body. 

But why is it crucial for you to use the right waxing product? For starters, waxes were not created equal in the same way that different body parts feature skin in varying thickness and sensitivity. The skin that covers our face and nether regions are more likely to be sensitive to harsh chemicals. The rest of the skin that covers the upper and lower body are more resilient since they are tougher and designed to protect us from external stressors. 

So, before you purchase your waxing essentials from a beauty supply store or invest in wholesale beauty products for your salon, it is imperative to learn about the different types of waxing products for the face and body. 

  • Hot Wax for the Face

Hot wax is designed for smaller areas or those that are more sensitive. Typically, hot wax is used to remove hair in the bikini area, face, and underarms. Other factors that will help you determine whether a hot wax applies to a certain area are the individual sensitivity of an individual as well as the thickness and hair volume. Hot wax works by shrink-wrapping around the hair follicles, thus effectively removing hairs straight from the roots. 

We are really loving the formulation of  Caronlab Brilliance Beads Hot Wax. Since this product comes in bead form, you can control the amount of wax you need, thus saving you money. 

  • Wax for Eyebrows

You may also use hot wax to shape the brows. Hot wax leaves the waxed parts smooth and hair-free for up to four weeks. Using the right hair removal technique, hot wax is fast and will greatly slow down hair growth. 

The Brow Code Wax Design and Define is specifically made to help remove eyebrow hairs and make subsequent shaping more convenient. It features an advanced formulation that will allow you to mould the wax to the design or shape you want to achieve. With its gentle formulation, you or your clients won’t end with painful red marks in the brow region. 

  • Wax for Body

When it comes to removing hair on larger regions of the body, you can choose from the following waxes:

  • Sugar Wax

Removing body hair using sugar wax is inarguably one of the oldest techniques on the market. A traditional sugar wax formula consists of sugar, lemon, and hot water. It is important to bear in mind that sugaring is not wax but is a depilatory solution. If you have extremely sensitive skin, sugaring is the best technique to use to remove unwanted hair. Sugaring is the best hair removal method if you wish to remove excess hairs in larger areas or fine to medium hair types. 

  • Soft Wax

If you don’t have the time to go through the time-intensive hair removal method, you may opt to use cold soft wax instead. Its ease of use is one of its main selling factors. Simply take it out of the pot and apply it directly onto the skin with minimal preparation. 

  • Warm Hard Wax

For those with thicker hair or fine, thin hair, warm hard wax is the best hair removal product. As the name implies, hard wax should be applied warm onto the skin. The wax itself functions as the strip which allows you to pull all unwanted hairs at one go. 

When using the warm hard waxing technique, it is critical to apply pre-epilation oil to reduce redness and inflammation during the hair removal procedure. Warm hard wax is applied thicker than soft wax and pulled in the direction of hair growth. Using the wrong technique of hair removal using warm hard wax can result in breakage and ingrown over time. 

  • Strip Wax

To remove soft body hairs in larger areas, experts recommend using a strip wax kit. Ideally, strip wax may be used to remove hairs on the legs, back, arms, and chest regions. If you follow the instructions, the strip wax method proves to be faster to complete, Strip wax is known to have an extra strong grip on hairs and will not leave any sticky residue on your skin. This method of hair removal is not recommended for sensitive areas as it may cause bruising and ingrown hairs in the future. 

The Natural Look Berry Strip Wax is a top-rated formulation due to its extra tight grip and the smooth finish it leaves on the skin. It features a satin texture made from advanced-formula resins, titanium dioxide, and berry oil- a powerful antioxidant that enhances the absorption of nutrients while your skin recovers from hair removal. 

Other Waxing Essentials You’ll Need

  • A pre-waxing lotion that is formulated to remove residue, debris, bacteria, and other skin impurities. Pick a pre-wax lotion that contains nourishing ingredients to reduce irritation and redness. 
  • Post-waxing products are also essential to protect the skin from redness, irritation, and external stressors. If you are a salon owner, it’s best to equip your shop with post-waxing to ensure a more luxurious experience for your clients. Examples of post-waxing essentials include soothing creams, cleansers to remove sticky residue, and waxing oils, to name a few. 
  • Don’t forget to purchase waxing accessories as part of your hair removal kit. These products will make the hair removal process easier and more effective. Spatulas, stripswax heaters, and pots are essentials that you need to have in stock for your to operate a waxing salon smoothly. 

Whether you’re looking to purchase a few pieces of beauty salon supplies or comprehensive waxing kits for home use, check out the waxing products and tools that we have on Beauty Warehouse. We are located in Wollongong, Leumeah, Mortdale, Caringbah, and Five Dock. For additional enquiries, call us on 1300 929 033 today.