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The Difference Between Brow Tinting and Henna

The Difference Between Brow Tinting and Henna article image by Beauty Warehouse

Eyebrow trends come and go. At the turn of the millennia, women resorted to overplucking to achieve super skinny brows. And of course, who could forget the bushy brows that the iconic Brooke Shields started in the 80s. The ever-changing beauty and fashion fads dictated what brow styles were hot and which ones were not. At present, brow trends have become more sophisticated and reasonable. Modern women now look for natural symmetry and balance- which honestly looks gorgeous with or without makeup. 

But if you were an early adopter of every brow trend there was, chances are you’re dealing with sparse and patchy brows. To hide the imperfections, we tend to fill them in. Instead of having to fill it in with an eyebrow liner, pencil, or gel, you may want to consider getting professional brow tinting or brow henna. 

At first glance, these two eyebrow enhancements may look similar but two different types of procedures offer their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Let’s look at these two popular brow enhancement services. Learning more about these two brow enhancement techniques will help you decide which one suits your needs. 

Factors that Influence the Specific Brow Enhancement for You

It can be enticing to try out these two services, not simultaneously but one after the other. To save you time and money, we’re enumerated the criteria that you need to consider when choosing between brow tinting and brow henna services:

  • Individual brow type
  • Skin complexion
  • Hair colour
  • Lifestyle
  • Age

What is Brow Henna?

Henna is a natural dye or pigment that is used to colour hair, including the eyebrows. It is a potent colouring agent that stains the brow hairs and skin underneath the hairs resulting in a powder, matte-like finish. Choosing brow henna means you can shape your brows however you desire. Typically, women who opt for henna first have their eyebrows shaped by a brow technician. 

When it comes to longevity, brow henna leaves a vibrant stain on the skin for two weeks and up to six weeks on the brow hairs. Brow henna comes in a wide range of colours, from pitch black to lighter, blonde shades. 

If you’re a brow bar owner and are planning to add brow henna to your service menu, we highly recommend stocking up on superior quality dyes from reputable names. As more women are choosing semi-permanent brow enhancements as opposed to getting microblading, obtaining training and skills in brow henna services will boost your overall sales. 

A good brand worthy of your loyalty is Bronsun. Their Bronsun Brow and Lash Dye comes in a myriad of colours. They are extremely versatile since you may also use this to colour lashes. 

Brow henna is ideal if you have thin and sparse brows. As it gives a fuller look compared to brow tinting, brow henna gives you deeper colours for up to six weeks. This brow enhancement technique is more tedious to maintain since henna can melt easily when it comes to contact with excess moisture. 

What is Brow Tint?

The 3D brow tint is fast becoming a popular brow enhancement trend. Like henna, brow tinting is a semi-permanent brow technique that adds colour and gives the illusion of thicker brows for a short period only. The application of brow tint is different to that of brow henna. Professional brow technicians utilise the custom feathering technique to define natural brows. Brow tinting does not work well if you have sparse hair or bald spots on your brows. This is because brow tints deliver a lightweight coverage. If you attempt to cover your brows with tint, it will not provide an even colouration. 

When it comes to longevity a professional brow tinting application can last up to four weeks. Like henna, brow tints come in a wide array of colours. If you only need to enhance the natural shape of your brows, brow tints are definitely the best brow enhancement technique for you. Brow tinting is also an excellent choice if you want to cover grey hairs, so you don’t have to pluck your brow hairs. Additionally, brow tinting is suitable for women who lead an active lifestyle. If you like playing sports and being under the sun, a brow tint from a reputable brand is known to be more resistant to sweat and water.  Brow tint is typically paired with brow threading service. If you don’t have enough time for the more time-intensive brow henna technique, then brow tinting is right up in your alley. 

Get brow enhancement products from a trusted beauty supply company

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