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Call Out to Salons - Introduce your Customers to the Hottest Lash and Brow Trends

Call Out to Salons - Introduce your Customers to the Hottest Lash and Brow Trends article image by Beauty Warehouse

It has been a long and challenging time for all of us since the pandemic began. And now that we are getting used to living in a post-pandemic world, consumers are also becoming more confident resuming their old lifestyle. 

For women, this means going back to their salons for hair, skin, nails, brow, and lash upkeep. With that in mind, aesthetic centre owners that offer lash and brow enhancement services need to be updated with the latest trends. From minimal touch-ups to more creative looks, here are services that you need to learn more about to attract old and new clients to your business. 

Lash and Brow Services to Add to your Menu of Aesthetic Services

In recent years, enhancements that are made to the eyes and theirsurrounding parts have been the focal point of enhancements. It’s easy to create different looks just by changing one’s eye colour, lash lengths and volumes, as well as brow shapes. 

As opposed to more traditional aesthetic services, enhancements done on the lashes and brows are easier to perform for professionals. In the clients’ point of view, the semi-permanent nature of lash and brow enhancements provide them with the opportunity to change their brow and lash styles as often as they want without breaking the bank. 

Lash Lifts

Lash extensions will be a mainstay in the beauty industry. Now, who doesn’t want to have the perfect lashes? Lash extensions are the fastest way to look gorgeous with or without makeup. But how about those with naturally long and voluminous lashes? Of course, lash extensions would be a redundant and unnecessary service for them. You can however add lash into your menu of services. 

As the name implies, lash lifts utilise tools that lift the eyelashes to make the eyes appear bigger. By lifting the lashes upwards, you provide clients with a fresh-faced finish that is easy to maintain for weeks at a time. Keratin lash lift is an iteration that involves the application of a chemical lash lift solution to curl the lashes minus the pain, discomfort, and complicated tools.  

A lash lift enhancement procedure is cost-effective for both clients and aesthetic centre owners like you. You can avail of a comprehensive one-shot perm kit from a reputable wholesale beauty product supplier. A standard lash kit includes all the solutions and accessories that you need to perform lash lifts for multiple clients. 

Brow Lamination

Laminated browsare definitely  a hot trend that came about during the pandemic. Brows are beautifully brushed up and fluffy lends a natural but stylish look for that extra wow factor for any type of look. Models and celebrities are sporting brow enhancement because it looks naturally beautiful. Like lash lifts, brow lamination opens up the eyes and frames your face without looking too polished. 

Brow lamination is the perfect enhancement for those who wish to have low maintenance but highly flexible brows that can be styled based on your mood or aesthetic. It keeps the brows in place and eliminates the need for brow makeup products to achieve your desired look. 

For brow bar owners, you can get started in offering brow lamination by purchasing a few brow lamination kits from a reputable company that sells wholesale beauty supplies in Australia. Make sure to do your research and purchase brow lamination tools and products consisting of quality ingredients to ensure long-lasting results for your clients. 

Brow Henna

The perfect complementary procedure to stunning laminated brows is brow tinting. There was a time when brow microblading was the hottest trend in the beauty industry. Microblading lasts for up to three years with proper maintenance and care. You will need touch-ups every now and then to re-define your desired shape. While this procedure significantly cuts makeup preparation, it can be a hassle if you want to leave the house bare-faced. Since it is semi-permanent, you end up with an unnaturally polished look. It’s hard to achieve a no make-up look with microbladed brows. 

The minimalist beauty revolution that emerged during the pandemic also rendered brow microblading hard to maintain. The expensive price tag on this specific type of service is also a concern for those who can’t afford them. 

Enter brow tinting. As the name implies, this procedure gives semi-permanent colour to the brows. Salon owners use henna to add colour safely and effectively to the eyebrows. The beauty ofbrow henna is that you can remove them easily if you wish to try on a new colour for your brows. Like brow lamination, brow henna is a more attractive enhancement procedure for those on a tight budget. The henna used for the brows are made from natural dyes, so clients don’t need to worry about skin and eye irritations. You can get a full and luscious-looking brow by tinting the lashes with quality made brow henna solutions

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