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Here are Top 9 Beauty Mistakes We All Make

Here are Top 9 Beauty Mistakes We All Make article image by Beauty Warehouse

Beauty takes time to achieve. Apart from having the right products and tools, it takes a lot of research and studying to become a certified beauty expert. And of course, we commit horrific beauty mistakes, too. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about as I am quite certain that even beauty gurus have committed some beauty mistakes in the past. Lastly, practice really makes perfect. We all invest hours upon hours in front of the mirror doing our makeups and perfecting our skincare routine. 

In this article, let’s look back at some beauty mistakes, which I assume some are still committing until now. Don’t be shy! We’re all but beautiful humans that make mistakes from time to time. The only way that we can improve is realising these mistakes and start learning on how to apply the right ones. 

  • Uncoordinated Make-Up

A lot of women are so carefree that they commit the mistake of using whatever colour they feel like wearing for certain occasions. While we all can appreciate the freedom of expression that cosmetic products afford us, it’s important that we learn the importance of colour coordination. One big mistake that most women make is forgetting to mix and match their eye shadow and lipstick shade. There is no need for the colours to match, but they should balance each other out instead. For instance, if you’re wearing bold colours on your eyes, try to use a more subdued shade for your lips. Consequently, if you’re sporting a wild shade of red lipstick, your eye makeup should be toned down. 

  • Mixing Primer and Foundation Types

Make-up artists do not recommend mixing water-based and silicon-based primers and foundations. With this in mind, it’s always best to purchase your primer and foundation with the same formulation. Applying a water-based foundation on top of the silicon primer formula can lead to a less-desirable or messy finish. 

  • Not Using Base Coat and Top Coat on Nails

There is more to pretty nails than patience and skill. You need to use the right set of products to produce a professional and long-lasting manicure or pedicure. To that end, never skip using a base coat and top coat when doing your nails at home. A base coat is important as it protects your nails from the ingredients found in nail lacquers. Top coat on the other hand, adds shine and ensures your manicure stays pretty longer. 

  • Improper Dry Shampoo Use

A lot of people stop using dry shampoo after their first try. But a lot of these people simply don’t know how to apply dry shampoo. To fully optimise the benefits of using dry shampoo, make sure to apply it at the ideal distance. It’s also recommended to let the dry shampoo sit on your hair for a few minutes before styling to achieve best results. 

  • Frequent Face Washing

Some people think that washing their faces often will result in clean and clear skin. Unfortunately, some people had to learn the hard way and experience redness, itchiness, dryness, and an overall full feeling due to frequent face washing. Facial skin contains natural oils that nourish the skin and protects your face from pollutants and other external factors. Ideally, the face should be cleansed at least once in the morning and another before going to bed. 

  • Too Much Foundation

Beautiful skin doesn’t mean flawless or poreless. Some women apply too much foundation to hide imperfections, with the goal of looking like a porcelain doll. Make-up is supposed to enhance what you already have, not hide your natural beauty. Applying too much foundation is irritating to say the least, not to mention uncomfortable, too. Give your skin some break from cosmetics ang bare every now and then. 

  • Using the Wrong Concealer

We highly recommend seeking expert help when shopping for concealers. When you go to a cosmetics shop but unsure of what the best concealer is for your skin type and shade, ask one of the beauty consultants to help you in choosing the perfect concealer product that will work well on you.

  • Too Much Bronzer

Don't use too much bronzer on your face. If you want a sun-kissed glow, be sure to use it on high points of your face rather than applying bronzer all over. 

  • Applying Too Much Perfume 

Be subtle when applying perfume. You don’t have to soak your clothes or skin with perfume, Be considerate as others may not like the scent you’re wearing or are plain allergic to strong scents. Apply your perfume on pulse points rather than spray the perfume on your clothes. 

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