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Elleebana Elleeplex Profusion vs Elleebana One Shot - Which Lash Lifting Procedure is Better?

Elleebana’s Elleeplex Profusion vs Elleebana One Shot - Which Lash Lifting Procedure is Better? article image by Beauty Warehouse

The Elleenbana lash product range has been getting a lot of attention recently. It seems Elleebana has proven itself a reputable and trustworthy brand when it comes to lash and brown lamination. It’s to no surprise that professional lash and brow artists are curious which system between the Elleebana One Shot and Elleeplex Profusion can deliver better results. Given both are from the same brand, there’s no contest that both products carry unique features that make them must-try among professionals. 

Elleebana lash lift products are designed to deliver luscious and long-lasting lifted lashes for up to 20 weeks. These professional 20-minute treatments are made from safe ingredients that effectively break down the lash hair’s disulphide bonds resulting in a fresh and lifted style. The Elleebana lash lifting systems are pretty simple and straightforward to use, 100% safe, and convenient; hence is a favourite among many lash artists in Sydney. Your clients are guaranteed perfectly lifted lashes every time. 

The Elleebana- Elleeplex Profusion is one of the company’s latest offerings designed for brow lamination and lash lifting treatments. This product features an innovative system that ensures your lashes are lifted as well as nourished down to the tips. 

The processing time of Elleebana lash lift systems vary, as each product is formulated with a unique perming agent that triggers the chemical reaction leading to the reduced power of disulphide bonds innate in our lashes. 

The Elleebana One Shot lash lifting system works differently as it breaks down the bands more efficiently and swiftly than the Elleeplex Profusion system. In fact, the Elleebana One Shot is known to feature the fastest processing times among all lash lifting systems in the industry. The CHC in Elleeplex Profusion breaks down in a slower and gentler manner. The slower chemical reaction is an advantage in that it reduces the risk of overprocessing which may result in damaged lashes or fallouts after a lash lifting procedure. 

Before a lash lifting procedure, professional lash artists perform a thorough assessment to determine what lash lifting system will be best for clients. Factors such as ethnicity, lash strength, growth direction, hormonal activity, lash flexibility, medications, and lash density are considered by professionals when choosing a lash lifting product to use on their clients. 

The Elleebana One Shot lash lifting system receives great feedback due to its faster processing time. According to reviews, the ideal processing times range between five and six among the majority of clients. In some instances, professionals need to extend the first or second lotion to determine which works best for every client. 

On the other hand, the Elleeplex Profusion processing time is a mere guide as professionals are not required to strictly follow the timing. There are many salons that extend processing times without causing any damage to the lashes.  Simply put, the Elleeplex Profusion system is gentler on the lashes so that the processing time can be pushed further to achieve superior lash lifting outcomes. 

The Advantages of Using Elleeplex Profusion Lash Lifting System

  • Extremely gentler on the hair; hence is recommended for those with finer or thinner lashes
  • Gentler during the regrowth phase of lashes
  • Reduced risk of overprocessing
  • Synergistic product that can be used for lash lifting and brow lamination
  • Vegan formulation

The Advantages of Using One Shot Lash Lifting System

  • Advanced formulation that conditions and nourishes lashes
  • An excellent alternative to lash extensions
  • Faster processing time
  • Works great on resistant lashes

You may prefer one system over the other for various reasons. But bear in mind that when choosing a lash lifting system, you need to consider the needs and preferred results of your clients. To that end, you need to assess the specific needs of every client before deciding which lash lifting system to use. Having these two lash lifting products on stock will add flexibility and versatility to your services resulting in a higher customer satisfaction rate, which in turn can generate more profit for your business. 

Every client is different, therefore the lash lifting approach should be tailored to their needs to ensure superior results. We highly recommend that professionals carry both Elleebana lash lifting systems in their salons. 

Here at Beauty Warehouse, we offer a wide range of lash lifting products, including the Elleebana Elleeplex Profusion and Elleebana One Shot. Shop here for more Elleebana beauty must haves or you wish to order today or call our direct line for further enquiries. You may also visit our Beauty Warehouse branches in Wollongong, Caringbah, Leumeah, Five Dock, and Mortdale.