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How to Find the Perfect Eyebrow Shape for your Face

How to Find the Perfect Eyebrow Shape for your Face article image by Beauty Warehouse

Brow trends are constantly changing. Thin, low-arched brows that used to grace the front cover of Vogue are now a thing of the past. A new and refreshing brow revolution emerged in the mid-2000s when model Cara Delevigne made big, bushy, and full luscious brows the hottest beauty trend that still prevails up to this day. This brow trend is here to stay, as evidenced by an abundance of brow products that promote full brows to meet the needs of women all over the globe. From brow soaps, brow gels to brow lamination, women now have a wide selection of products to choose from in achieving that beautiful runway model look. While brow trends may come and go, one fact will always ring true in the world of beauty- There is no one brow shape or style that can complement all face shapes. 

Those who pursue true beauty know that choosing the right brow shape can bring out the beautiful points of your facial features. Perfecting a brow shape that truly fits your face is a lot of hard work but once you finally get it right, you’ll never want to change again. It will take a lot of practice and learning to find the right arch, right angles, and right proportions that perfectly match your face shape and features. In this post, we will list down the six main face shapes and expert recommendations on the best brow shape options to match

  • Oval Face

Oval-shaped face is pleasing to look at due to its excellent symmetry and well-balanced appearance. If you have an oval-shaped face, you’re definitely in for a treat because you will look good in any brow shape that you wish to wear. Just make sure not to go back to plucking your eyebrows too thin. FYI- thin-shaped brows don't look good on any face shape.

You may choose to rock the classic high arch and soft angled brow shape for that natural yet polished look. This is a simple and elegant brow style that will add depth and dimension to your face. 

  • Round Face

People with round-shaped faces tend to choose eyebrow shapes and styles that slim down the face. But did you know that creating the illusion of a slimmer face through brow styling is more challenging than you think?  One way to elongate the face through brow styling is by lifting the arch height of your brows. Fill in the arches to make it slightly darker and add some highlighter powder on the brow bone to further lift the arch. You may also use brow soap or brow gel if you prefer not to make your brows look darker. 

  • Long Face

To make your long-shaped face look shorter, we highly recommend horizontally shaped brows. Creating straight brows will create a more balanced overall look for your face. Avoid creating arches at all costs as this can make your face look longer than it already is. When filling in the brows, make sure to extend the brow tail closer to the ear line. Go softer when shading the tail end of your brows. 

  • Square Face

There are two ways to style the brows for those with a square-shaped face. As this face shape already features sharp angles, the main goal is to create symmetry by creating strong brows with a defined arch. Consequently, you may soften the angles by choosing a slightly angled brow. You can switch between these two brow shapes and find one that suits you better. 

  • Heart Face

Ladies with heart-shaped faces are characterised by angular areas. It’s best to draw rounded brow styles to achieve balance and symmetry.  A round brow will help soften the many angles in heart-shaped faces

  • Diamond Face

A diamond-shaped face is characterised by a narrow forehead, wide cheekbones, and narrow chin region. Since this face shape already has too many angles it’s best to stay away from brow styles that create more angles. You can however soften your look by opting for a simple curved brow. A soft, curved brow will lift facial features upwards while creating an illusion of a rounder face. 

Expert Brow Tips to Follow

There are many Brow Code products that you can use to achieve the brow styles and shapes mentioned above. From brow wax, tint, and henna, you may opt to use one brow product at a time to determine which one is easy to use and helps you accomplish the brow style that perfectly suits your face shape. Don’t forget to use tweezers to pluck out stray hairs to ensure a more polished look. The Beauty Warehouse features an impressive selection of lash and brow products at competitive prices. We have premium tweezers, brow tint, and other brow essentials that will elevate your look with or without makeup. If you wish to learn more about our beauty salon offerings, visit our branches at Wollongong, Leumeah, Caringbah, Five Dock, and Mortdale. For enquiries, call our direct line on +61 1300 939 933 today.