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How to Keep Your Face Protected Against Aging?

How to Keep Your Face Protected Against Aging? article image by Beauty Warehouse

Keeping your face – and your skin all over your body, for that matter – soft, supple and with as few wrinkles as possible may sound like you need a few hours every day to pull off. However, with nourishing and wholesome skincare essentials, you can maintain great skin quality, even if you have to use makeup, or be in harsh environments.

But first, the habits

However, beyond the advanced skin care, the best way to maintain your healthy skin is to make sure that you have the right habits as well.

A good night’s rest

The first step is to make sure that your face is properly prepared for a night’s sleep. Your first instinct should be to clean your face, removing all traces of makeup and dirt accumulated during the day. After that, your next step would be to apply the following products:

Immaculate Night Care Face Cream  

The Natural Look Immaculate Night Face Cream is meant to be applied to your face, where it will stay overnight as you sleep. Enriched with Vitamins E and C, collagen, and creatine, this luxurious cream helps repair any damage your skin has received across the day and reduces or even removes newly received lines and wrinkles. It also encourages the rebuilding of natural collagen. Finally, it provides for 24 hours of anti

oxidant replenishment, so that your face will be ready for another day with makeup and sunlight.

Immaculate Rejuvenating Eye Cream

The Natural Look Immaculate Rejuvenating Eye Cream is excellent for smoothing out wrinkles and helping with discolouration around the eyes. It contains ingredients that are meant to nourish the eye region- an area that is subjected to many stressors.  With regular use, it can visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, crow’s feet, and dark circles. It is imperative however to combine the use of this product with healthier habits, such as getting adequate sleep, to maximize its results.

Minimizing Makeup Concerns

While makeup is important for bringing out the inner beauty of any woman, the chemical ingredients in many makeup products can prove to be irritants. Even if you properly remove them with a facial cleanser or makeup remover at night, you may still end up with lingering irritation and damage. This is where Vani-T Loose Foundation comes in, providing a healthy base for makeup that also soothes the skin. You can wear your makeup the whole day and not feel much irritation at all, thanks to this silky smooth and moisture rich base makeup. 

Solar damage

It’s also important to note that skincare products can come with SPF ratings, so if you will be going under the sun for an extended length of time, you can minimize solar damage to your skin by applying day cream or moisturiser that can block UV light, preventing it from prematurely aging your skin.

Other Skin care tips

Know the water type being used in your home – soft water, for example, does not remove some kinds of soap well at all, and this will leave a residue on your skin. If the water used in your area is chemically “soft,” then you should lower the amount of skin care products you use, so that it will be easier to wash all of it off. 

On the other hand, hard water can wash everything off, but it doesn’t allow washes and similar products to lather up properly, and you’ll be tempted to use more than the recommended amount. This will lead to more irritation and can render your skin too dry. Do check online with local water resource sites to find out the local water type, so you can adjust your application accordingly.

Stress is the worst – Stress is now universally known to not only give you hypertension and other major internal body issues, it also affects even your skin. If you’ve ever had extreme deadlines to take care of, then you do know that your breakouts will always time themselves to be at those moments.

The reason for this is that stress can induce hormone production, and rising levels of chemicals such as cortisol can destabilize your skin, causing it to be oilier. If you couple that with a stressed-out immune system response, then it’s no surprise that you don’t get even worse acne breakouts when you’re handling extremely stressful situations.

Air is your friend – Do avoid places with bad air quality. If you can’t do that (for example, you live in an urban condominium unit), then you should install air filters. If you’re not allergic to plant pollen, then it’s a good idea to have more plants around to absorb some of the pollutants in urban air. You should also have proper ventilation for your kitchen so that your skin won’t get irritated when you cook. It’s also a good idea to install a humidifier in your bedroom, so your skin won’t dry out when you’re asleep. 

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