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Clean and Clear Pores with Skin Exfoliators

Clean and Clear Pores with Skin Exfoliators article image by Beauty Warehouse

Our skin is the first organ of the body to be affected by environmental effects. Be it a dry atmosphere, a sunny day, or just the dust and dirt that blows in the wind, our skin has to serve as our shield. The problem here is that even if it does succeed in protecting us, it does receive damage, and this damage can accumulate, particularly if the skin isn’t given enough time to regenerate and recover. 

This accumulated damage makes itself apparent with wrinkles, dry skin, infections like acne, and other skin irritations. Aside from integrating moisturizers and sunscreen in your skin care regimen, one of the most important things you can do is to use exfoliating products regularly. 

What does exfoliating do?

Our skin has a top layer made of dead skin cells that have been toughened (keratinized) and stuck together, forming an initial protective sheath. However, because it receives the most damage, the layer can become uneven, leading to rough skin, mottled patches, and even further skin irritation.

One way to remove all these issues is through exfoliation, where one removes damaged cells from the top layer. This will help the skin cells below to turn into top-layer cells in a smoother, healthier way so that the skin will also become smooth. In some cases, wrinkles can also be minimized, with smaller ones erased, as the layers of skin underneath will also be encouraged to rejuvenate faster.

So far, exfoliating products normally use one of two ways to remove dead skin cells. However, the best exfoliator scrubs usually combine the two for a more thorough cleansing.

The Best Face and Body Exfoliators

The Natural Look Immaculate Dermofoliant Exfoliator is meant to rejuvenate the skin in the gentlest manner possible. It contains ingredients which not only remove dead skin cells, but address other skin concerns, including dryness and uneven skin tone. It contains the following ingredients:

Micro beads – Exfoliating can be done through a process that is similar to using sandpaper, albeit very gently. What will be done is that the facial exfoliator (for example) will be applied, and it will have small particles that will loosen and remove dead skin cells, smoothing over rough patches and mottled, possibly discoloured skin. This action will then allow the live skin cells underneath to create a more regular top layer of cells, making the skin smoother and hopefully softer.

Special ingredients – Another way to clean the skin is to use substances that will loosen the bonds between the epidermal top-layer cells. Once they are loosened, the damaged skin cells will then be much easier to wash off in a normal manner. 

Mancine Naturals Body Scrub 

One of the gentlest, yet highly effective exfoliators is the Mancine Naturals Body Scrub. With this skincare must-have, it isn’t just about exfoliating. It helps clean and clear pores, eliminating unwanted impurities from head to toe. The rich combination of Jojoba Oil, cucumber, and green tea extract cleanses the deeper layers of the skin while ensuring your skin looks and feels smooth and hydrated. Its all-natural formulation means you don’t have to worry about nasty chemicals that may cause allergic reactions. If you have sensitive skin but would like to deep cleanse without worries, the Mancine Naturals Body Scrub is the perfect product for you. The end result of this formula is that Mancine Naturals Body Scrub can work on either sun-damaged, thickened skin, or on oily skin (where it can remove blackheads and whiteheads). Aside from smoother, younger-looking skin, closer inspection will reveal that the pores will become smaller, as all the dirt, oil, and dead skin cells will be gone from them. 

How do you Use Exfoliating Skincare Products?

Given the gentle effects of these exfoliating essentials, it can be used daily for best results. First, you should wet your body and face, and then squeeze some of the cleanser onto your hands. You should then apply in a circular motion, massaging the skin gently. Do make sure to avoid direct contact with the eyes and other sensitive areas to reduce the risk of irritation. Once you have finished massaging the exfoliating scrub, rinse your skin with water thoroughly, and then pat your face dry with a towel. For best results, you should do this before you sleep at night. 

For some people, this exfoliating skincare product may still be a bit too harsh. It’s a good idea to start your regimen every other day or even less, and then gradually build up to a frequency that won’t irritate your skin. You should also consider using a moisturizer after using this cleanser if you think your skin has become temporarily dry because of the exfoliating process.

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