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Effective Tips on How to Avoid Brassy Hair

Effective Tips on How to Avoid Brassy Hair article image by Beauty Warehouse

So, you’ve finally gone to the salon to dye your hair the perfect blonde. But over time, you notice that your locks are quickly turning into a brassy colour fast rather than the vibrant shade that you wanted. It can be frustrating to see warm tones start developing into your new hair colour or begin to creep up just after getting your hair bleached. Hair can turn into a yellow or orange colour because the dyes fade overtime. 

Brassiness happens when the bleaching process is unable to eliminate all underlying pigment in your hair strands. Given all hair contains some degree of underlying warm tones, removing the natural hair colour will result in brassiness at some point in time. When this happens, the warm tones become more evident in your overall hair colour. Brassiness may also be due to oxidation from sun exposure, mineral exposure, and harsh chemicals found in water. People with darker hair pigments usually suffer from hair brassiness, such as in ethnic Asian, Black, and Mexican people. If you have naturally dark or black hair, you are most likely to deal with brassiness when you decide to dye your hair blonde or a lighter colour.

Here are some tips and products that you should include in your at-home hair care routine:

  • Deep Condition your Hair

If you can’t go to the salon to get a semi-permanent colour or gloss, you may go ahead and employ some home hair care routine to reduce the appearance of brassiness. Use a conditioning treatment at home and don’t forget to give a blowout after. 

We highly recommend the Affinage Blonde Toning Treatment. This is a rinse out conditioning formula that you can apply to your hair up to 10 minutes before rinsing to get the best results. It contains premium ingredients, including Emu Apple and Kakadu Plum, both of which are proven to nourish the cuticles and protect the hair and scalp, and finally to prolong your hair colour. 

  • Shampoo your Hair with a Purple Formula

Your hectic schedule stops you from getting treatments to treat the brassiness on your hair. If this is the case, you can replace it with the use of purple shampoo. Why purple you ask? The sheer violent-tinged tint in purple shampoos is excellent in cancelling any orange or yellow tones in your hair. When you look at the colour wheel, purple is opposite yellow, which means the latter neutralises any yellowish tones thus eliminating brassiness in your hair. 

Use purple shampoo every few weeks and let it sit for up to five minutes before rinsing. In between using purple shampoo, we highly recommend using shampoo specifically formulated for colour-treated hair. The Biolage Colorlast Shampoo is inarguably one of the best and most hydrating shampoo formulations for colour treated hair on the market. On the other hand, the Hi Lift True Blonde Zero Yellow Shampoo works excellent in cancelling out any brassiness in your hair without having to go to the salon. It contains kakadu and native plum extracts that protect the hair and give it lasting vibrancy. It has all-natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about your hair drying out from regular washing. 

  • Cool Water Wash

Use cool water if you want to preserve the colour vibrancy of your hair. Rinsing your hair with hot water will result in a faster rate of colour fading. High temperatures are known to open the outer cuticle resulting in fading. Experts recommend washing the hair with lukewarm to cool water. Cool water closes the hair cuticles which in turn preserves and extends your light hair colouring. 

  • Don’t Soak at the Pool or Beach for Too Long

If you just had a hair touchup or hair colour, it’s not advised to soak at the pool or beach for too long. The chemicals found in pools and salt water strip off hair dyes fast and reveal the brassy tones underneath. As much as possible, try not to linger too much at the pool or swimming at the beach. It may be tempting to do so in summer time, but if you want to protect your investment, best to stay away or reduce your swimming time. 

However, if you end up swimming in salt water or chlorinated pools, make sure to wash your hair thoroughly and treat it afterwards. 

  • Use a Shower Filter

Hard water contains minerals that can turn your hair to a brassy tone. If you want to avoid this, we recommend getting a shower filter that sifts all hard chemicals that wreak havoc on your hair.  Installing a shower filter not only protects your hair but your skin and nails, too!

  • Protect your Hair from Direct Sunlight

Another cause of brassiness is direct exposure to UV rays. Ultraviolet light slowly fades the colour and lightens hair over time, thus resulting in brassiness. You need to protect your hair from direct sunlight by applying heat protectant spray. A few sprays on your locks will help prevent premature colour fading. The NAK Ultimate Potion not only functions as an excellent styling serum but is also formulated to protect the hair from UV rays while adding shine and minimising frizzy hair. 

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