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Why It's So Important to Get Laser Hair Removal from Professionals

Why It's So Important to Get Laser Hair Removal from Professionals article image by Beauty Warehouse

Hair removal does not only improve aesthetics but is also a practice that uplifts one’s confidence and self-esteem. There are many ways to remove unwanted body and facial hair, but the most common solutions are painful, time-consuming, and ineffective. If your goal is to sport hair-free, smooth skin, we highly recommend obtaining professional services. 

If you’ve always wondered how it works, or perhaps would want to know more about the procedure before scheduling an appointment, you’ve come to the right place. This article will serve as a guide to laser hair removal and the importance of getting this service from licensed and trained professionals. 

Achieve Superior Hair Removal Results

When you get laser hair removal from a trusted professional, you are guaranteed the best results. There are no shortage of at-home lasers and IPL hair removal tools these days. Although they offer convenience and are priced cheaper than laser hair removal sessions, there is no guarantee that you can achieve hair-free skin by using them. It takes extensive training and expert skills to implement proper hair removal. Professional laser hair removal technicians are skilled with techniques and understand the protocols when performing laser hair removal. Lastly, using their knowledge and skills, they can implement the right frequency and strength of laser treatments to reap better results than at-home hair removal techniques. 

The laser hair removal machines used in clinics are professional grade, which means they feature advanced settings that ensure superior efficacy, efficiency, and safety. Laser hair removal machines at aesthetics centers and clinics are FDA-approved instead of at-home IPL and laser tools that can be defective or cause severe problems in the long run. 

Safer Hair Removal Treatments by Professionals

A professional will assess your skin for suitability for laser hair removal. In this way, the laser hair removal settings will be adjusted according to your individual needs. It is challenging to determine the settings if you perform IPL or laser hair removal using an at-home machine. According to experts, the success in doing the procedure depends on various factors. By seeking a professional's expertise, factors such as menstrual cycle, stress levels, and hair length are all taken into consideration to determine the frequency and intensity of laser hair removal treatments. 

For untrained users of at-home hair removal tools, you may end up with nasty burns, redness, and hyperpigmentation issues. Without the proper knowledge, you may find yourself spending more treating these unwanted side effects. 

Easy and Quick Treatments

Professional laser hair removal offers convenience to customers as well. Instead of doing it at home, a trained professional will do the procedure while you sit back and relax. Although a professional it will require you to get out of your home, it’s well worth the time and money as trained and skilled technicians will treat you. During the session, you will be asked to wear safety eyewear to protect the eyes from the laser light. 

Professional technicians are highly proficient in using laser hair removal machines and have mastered the procedure for all body parts, so you can rest assured of a quick session at a centre. From prepping the skin to removing pesky ingrown hairs, professionals will be doing everything for you. 

Safe and Clean Setting

Your bedroom may be your oasis from everything that is bad and dangerous in this world but is not the best place to implement a laser hair removal session. It is typically implemented in a clean and hygienic setting to reduce infection or contamination risks.

Long-Term Results

Although at-home laser or IPL hair removal treatments follow the exact mechanisms of action as professional-grade machines, they, unfortunately, do not deliver the same quality of results. For instance, professional-grade machines operate at higher intensities that translate to long-lasting hair removal results. Those who undergo laser hair treatment from reputable professional centres, notice results sooner, too. With higher intensity laser treatments, hair removals are also spaced farther in between, hence saving you time and money. 

Pain Intensity

At-home hair removal treatments are pain-free as machines are set at lower intensities. And with lower power translates to more sessions until you achieve desirable results. Professional-grade laser machines produce high-intensity lasers, which causes pain and discomfort. Professional technicians remedy this concern using topical anesthetics to alleviate pain and eliminate any discomfort during treatments. 

Indeed, at-home laser or IPL hair removal kits are great alternatives for those who prefer their homes' comfort and safety. However, if you want superior results and getting the most value for your money, seeking the services of professional laser hair removal technicians is still the best choice. If you operate a salon or aesthetic centre that offers laser or IPL hair removal, you can find an assortment of hair removal products and accessories at our Beauty Warehouse branches. We have shops located in Wollongong, Caringbah, Five Dock, Mortdale, and Leumeah. We have a complete range of equipment, hair care products, and tools for beauty and wellness at competitive prices. For other enquiries, you may call our direct line at 1300 929 033 today.