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8 Beautiful and Creative Nail Art Techniques

8 Beautiful and Creative Nail Art Techniques article image by Beauty Warehouse

In essence, nail art showcases techniques of decorative art directly applied to fingernails and toenails. Tools are used to achieve the desired effect, including nail polish, gel, and other accessories that enhance nail aesthetics and finish. Elaborate nail art techniques also involve the use of artificial nails and extensions. 

Technological innovations have paved the way for enthusiasts to try out many techniques to achieve stunning nail arts. There are many gadgets, products, and accessories that you can find which are easy  and hassle-free, even for beginners. In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of famous nail art techniques that you can try and master in the long run. 

Nail Art Brush Painting

This technique involves the use of small brushes outfitted with synthetic bristles for the utmost accuracy and precision. It’s best to get multiple types of brushes if you’re looking for a more detailed finish. This is the most basic yet challenging technique, using imagination to create art on your nails. It will take time and practice to perfect the use of brushes on nails, but once you improve handling and your stroke styles, you can virtually decorate your nails any way you want. 

Here are a few brushes that you can start with for your at-home nail art sessions:

-      Hawley Flat Brush #8

-      Hawley Gel Brush

-      Hawley Pure Sable Brush #6

-      Hawley Pure Sable Cats Tongue #7

If you are not too confident painting on your nails, you can practice on nail colour wheels instead. The Hawley Nail Colour Wheel will help you brush up  your nail art skills. 

Sponge Bobbing

We highly recommend using the sponge bobbing technique to achieve a gradient and achromatic design on your nails. With the light and gentle bobbing of a sponge, you get a sprinkled or bespattered finish that will look flawless on smoothly manicured nails. You can use any sponge for this technique, including art or make-up sponges. To reduce clean-up time, do not forget to apply acetone around the nail edges. We recommend the OPI Nail Polish Remover with Aloe Vera that soothes and protect the skin around the nails. 

Nail Art Stamping Technique

The stamping technique involves the use of a nail art stamper and special nail paints. Make sure to follow the procedure in the letter to achieve the best results. The first image is printed onto the nail covered by the stumpy layer in the image plate. Next, a scraper is used across the nail until the polish is seen as a residual pattern. Finally, a stamper is rolled across the nail to set the image on the nails. 

Nail Art Taping Technique

All you need for this technique is a roll of tape and your preferred nail polish colours. Depending on the design, you may need to cut the tape into smaller pieces. The tapes are applied to areas that are left to be base colour itself. The subsequent coating will then be applied uniformly across parts not covered by the tapes. Once dry, gently remove the tape to see the final result. 

Digital Nail Art

There’s not much skill or artistry involved in using Digital Nail Art Machines. Unless you are running a nail salon, buying one for home use may be a little too expensive. The advantage of getting digital nail art is that you can apply any art or design to your nails. You can even scan photographs and have them printed to your nails via a digital nail art machine. 

Stencil Nail Art Technique

Stencils are great for nail art, too! You can choose many stencils, or you can even make your very own. The advantage of using this technique is that you can use them more than once. The use of stencils in nail art is similar to the tapping technique. Stencils are placed against the nails to create art using multiple nail polish shades. 

Airbrush Nail Art Technique

Airbrush machines are used to drizzle polish on nails. This nail art machine is used in combination with stencils and stickers to achieve sophisticated designs. 

Nail Art Decals and Stickers

The use of decals and stickers is a fun way of embellishing your nails with less time and effort. All you need are stickers and decals explicitly created for nail art decorating. You may also use tattoos, jewels, and glitters to achieve glitzy and sophisticated results. 

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