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Everything that You Need to Know About Sunless Tanning

Everything that You Need to Know About Sunless Tanning article image by Beauty Warehouse

Who doesn’t want to have flawless, smooth, and glowing skin? With the pandemic still wreaking havoc across the country, getting a natural tan has been challenging for many. While restrictions have been lenient, it’s always best to err on the safe side and refrain from visiting public places that attract flocks of people at any one time. Despite the harsh reality of our “new normal,” we find ways to live our best lives indoors. 

Men and women still sport bronzed skin without leaving their homes, thanks to sunless tanning. Of course, we always want to look our best during those Zoom meetings with colleagues, friends, and family. So, if you’re one of the millions of people who want to achieve the perfect tan without hitting the beach or going to a salon, here’s everything that you need to know about sunless tanning and how you can do it without leaving your home. 

Choosing the right product for your skin

A lot of us adore being under the sun and getting a tan in the process. The market responds with a wide array of sunless tanning products. From spray tans, lotions, and mousses, consumers are presented with a wide variety of formulations. Regardless of your choice, it’s always best to conduct comprehensive research on these products before trying them on yourself. 

After some thorough research, here are some of our proven safe and effective sunless tanning picks:

Naked Tan Glow on the Go 20-Minute Solution

This is one of the new products from Australia’s top producer of sunless tanning products. It is a part of Naked Tan’s Luxe edition, Glow on The Go promises the fastest development time in the market. It contains 14% DHA and nourishing ingredients while locking on medium to dark tan on the skin. 

- Vani-T Velocity Quad Mousse

If you want to achieve an ultra-dark glow, you need to grab yourself the Velocity Quad Mousse by Vani-T. It’s an express self-tanning solution in mousse formulation to ensure a long-lasting chocolate glow without exposure to harmful UV rays. It features Vani-T’s signature key ingredients, DHA, erythrulose, black walnut extract, and vitamins such as Kakadu plum, quandong, and Vitamins A and C. The Velocity Quad Mousse gives you a smooth and flawless tan that can last for weeks. 

Preparation is a must.

Preparing for self-tanning is essential to achieve the best results. Without proper preparation, you will find yourself with unsightly streaks and uneven colour fading effects. Invest time and effort in preparing your skin for the perfect tan. Here are tips that will be most helpful for first-time users at home:

Never forget to exfoliate before a fake tan session

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, revealing new skin that absorbs tanning products more efficiently. When choosing an exfoliator, make sure to pick a product that does not contain oils. Oils and moisturisers are ideal for locking in moisture but may inhibit sunless tanning formula's ability to be entirely absorbed by the skin. 

One exfoliating product that you should use to prep the skin for fake tanning is the Black Magic XFoliate Mitt. A day before sunless tanning, use the XFoliate Mitt to remove dead skin cells. This is ideally used after bathing and on dry skin for best results. 

Hair removal before sunless tanning

To achieve smooth and flawless sunless tanning, you need to get all bases covered, including hair removal. Ideally, hair removal should be carried out 24 hours before tanning to ensure that your skin is calmed and healed. We recommend Arbre Fleur Tea Tree and Lavender Hot Wax. This is formulated to remove strong and fine hair effectively while nourishing the skin with soothing ingredients. 

Stay away from moisturisers during and after sunless tanning

On the day of your sunless tanning schedule, make sure to keep the body clean and free from any products such as lotions, deodorants and perfumes. Moisturisers create a barrier on the skin, which makes tanning less effective altogether. You can resume moisturising after the skin has entirely absorbed the tanning solution. 

Cold shower before tanning 

Experts recommend showering with cold water before applying the tanning solution. Using cold water will help shrink the pores, which reduces the chances of them getting blocked, leading to even and smooth sunless tanning application. 

Protect areas that don’t need a tanning

An aloe vera-based moisturiser such as the Caronlab Aloe Vera Hydrating Gel is an excellent barrier for parts that will not be included during tanning application. This gentle formulation will stop the skin from absorbing the tanning formula, thus achieving a more natural tanning result. 

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