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Beauty on the Homefront - How to Successfully Start a Mobile Beauty Business

Beauty on the Homefront - How to Successfully Start a Mobile Beauty Business article image by Beauty Warehouse

Starting a mobile beauty business is the perfect way to showcase your passion for beauty and wellness while earning money at the same time. Building your own mobile beauty business delivers a myriad of benefits, including a flexible schedule, accessibility to your luxurious treatments, and having control of managing the overall operations of your enterprise. 

However fun and exciting starting a mobile beauty business may be, it’s also one of the most challenging stages, especially for budding entrepreneurs. Equipping yourself with as much knowledge will help starting a business more manageable, and hopefully, a smooth sailing one for aspiring mobile beauty business owners. Here are expert tips on how to kickstart your own mobile beauty business from scratch.

Do your research

You may be passionate about beauty, but are you knowledgeable enough about its business side? If you aren’t, it’s best to start your journey by conducting extensive market research to identify risks that will enable you to create a more solid business plan. You need to identify your competitors, your target audience, and the prevailing beauty trends before making a substantial investment, not only of hard-earned money but of your time and other resources as well. Once you have completed your research, you can finalise the services to offer clients. You can decide to specialise in one area of beauty, such as nails, haircare, or skincare just to name a few. 

Source of investment

Another important component that needs to be addressed at the onset of your business planning is source funding. Where do you intend to draw funds from to start your mobile beauty business? Will you be using your own money to procure all equipment, tools, products, and other expenditures? Or are you looking into investors or lenders for a source of funding? If you are choosing the former, it is necessary to build a solid business plan to present to lenders for your loan to be approved, however small or large the amount may be. 

Apply for a business permit

Once you have secured funding for your mobile beauty business, the next step is to apply for a business license. It is essential to have all the necessary paperwork prepared, so you can legally operate your mobile beauty business. Although business license registration costs can be a bit steep, you are guaranteed to recoup your investment with the right management and operation of your beauty business. Make sure to prepare all the documents required ahead of time, as it usually takes a while to issue a business license. While waiting for your license, you have the free time to manage other aspects of business preparation. 

Purchase beauty equipment, machines, tools, and supplies

Apart from the vehicle which will be your primary mode of transportation, you also need to allot a budget to purchase the tools of the trade. When it comes to beauty supplies, it’s always sensible to purchase in bulk due to its money-savings component. Look for beauty suppliers that can give you the best deal featuring the best products at fair prices. Choose a distribution company that has a wide selection of beauty goods, so you can simply get all your supplies from one source hence saving you time as well. One of the most renowned suppliers of beauty and wellness products in Sydney is Beauty Warehouse. It takes great pride in its variety when it comes to everything beauty- from hair tools, skincare products, spa equipment, and accessories. 

Secure the right insurance 

Accidents can happen in any profession, so always make sure to have a safety net to protect yourself from potential lawsuits that may be filed against your business. Make sure to get adequate coverage for your business. Talk to an insurance agent that specialises in business insurance. It’s a requirement for businesses to obtain the minimum public liability, but it’s best to get additional coverage to ensure all bases are covered. 

Familiarise yourself with rules and regulations

There are certain rules and regulations that mobile beauty owners need to comply with to safely operate their business. Even when you are not operating at a brick-and-mortar shop, the Hair and Beauty Australian Industry Association requires all providers of beauty and related services to have an in-depth understanding of regulations, OHS, and fair work laws.  No matter the size or scope of your mobile beauty business, it’s recommended to adhere to prevailing rules and regulations to keep out of trouble and to ensure your business runs smoothly over time.

Market your services

Once you have bought your beauty supplies and have strategically designed your vehicle to be a mobile salon or spa, the next step is to advertise your business around the neighbourhood. It’s always good to take small steps during the first few months of business operations. All aspiring entrepreneurs strive to grow and expand their business. To reach these achievements, you need to set measurable and realistic goals. If you are a stand-alone mobile business, with no staff to assist you in rendering services, it’s always best to offer your services to your neighbourhood first. There is no shortage of men and women seeking convenient beauty services, especially in this day and age, when consumers are keener on receiving beauty treatments in their homes or on a one-on-one basis. 

Hand out flyers and business cards to friends and family. Go around the neighbourhood and post leaflets to let people know the availability of your business in the community. Create a buzz early on, so by the time you open a business, you already have potential customers looking to obtain your services in the future. 

Be a customer service expert

If you are selling a service, customer service is extremely important. You need to understand the needs of your clientele. Make sure to take note of feedback or ask your clients how to further improve the services. Being open to criticism and feedback will do good for your business, considering the majority of Australian consumers are extremely discerning when it comes to beauty and wellness. Continue to improve on the skills you offer by attending ongoing beauty courses. Earning certificates from seminars and workshops will boost the credibility and authority of your business, resulting in continued patronage and more clients in the future. 

If you’re starting your own mobile beauty business or if you already have one and looking for top-rated beauty supplies, look no further. Beauty Warehouse offers an impressive selection of beauty equipment, tools, machines, and other essentials to help you grow your business without breaking the bank. Check out our offerings by visiting our branches at Wollongong, Caringbah, Five Dock, Mortdale, and Leumeah. For enquiries, you may also call our direct line on 1300 929 033 today.