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Steps on How to Properly Apply Lashes at Home

Steps on How to Properly Apply Lashes at Home article image by Beauty Warehouse

Eyelashes make a huge impact on our appearance as it frames the eyes beautifully. No wonder beauty companies continuously develop formulations that are designed to lengthen, plump, and thicken lashes. The right balance between length and volume makes the eyes look more captivating and sensual, too. Applying eyelash extensions will make you stand from the crowd without applying too much makeup. A dramatic effect can be achieved simply by choosing eyelash extensions featuring different styles, thickness, length, colour, and texture.

Eyelash extensions may seem intimidating, especially for those who haven’t given them a try. But once you learn how to apply them and start receiving compliments due to the extra glamour that it adds to your overall look, it will be hard not to use them every chance you get! If you’re a first-time eyelash extension user or you want to master the application, we’re giving you a step-by-step guide on the perfect eyelash extension application. It’s not rocket science. Provided with the right tools and the perfect pair of false eyelashes, practice, and lots of patience, these tips will help you perfect eyelash extension applications. 

Choose Eyelash Style

Eyelash extensions come in many styles. Strip lashes are the most common form of eyelash extensions that you can buy at just about any beauty store in the city. They are easier and faster to apply. Another type of extension is individual flare lashes that feature two or more eyelash strands per unit. They are typically used to add volume or fill in sparse areas. Just like strip eyelash extensions, individual flare lashes are short wearing in nature. Lastly, there are individual single lashes that are typically used for professional eyelash extension procedures. Due to the delicate nature of the application, it takes training and lots of patience to perfect individual eyelash extensions. 

If you aren’t too keen on being a professional eyelash extension technician, we recommend using strip lashes and individual flare lashes instead. Here are some top styles from renowned eyelash extension brands: 

If you are keen on trying individual lash extensions, here are some expert recommendations:

Choose your colour 

Eyelash extensions come in different colours, too. If you are looking for extensions for everyday use, we recommend choosing lashes in dark and brown colours. For special occasions or themed parties, some lashes come in vivid colours like the Ardell Lashes Runway Daisy Brown. There are also eyelash extensions that feature rhinestones, feathers, glitters, petals, and jewels. 

Pick a lash adhesive

Lash adhesives come in black and white shades. For first-time lash extension users, experts highly recommend using white adhesives as they turn transparent once they dry. One top-rated white lash adhesive is the Ardell Duo Adhesive Clear. If you are more confident with your lash application skills, you can then try using black lash adhesives, as they add more definition to the final look. Black adhesives are also unforgiving in that you need to be very precise with the application, to prevent errors that can be hard to erase once they dry. A good black lash adhesive you can get your hands on is the ModelRock Lash Adhesive Dark

Trim the lashes

There is no one-size-fits-all lash extension, hence it’s recommended to trim them before application. You need to size up the lash extension against your own for accurate trimming. By rule, eyelash extensions should follow your natural lashes and without overhang. Untrimmed lashes that are too long will create a droopy look. Lashes are naturally longer towards the outer eye corner and shorter towards the inner corner. Trim accordingly to give it a more natural look. Use a Scissor Beauty Straight Hawley for easy and precise trim. 

Shape eyelash extensions

Shaping your eyelash extensions is a crucial step before application. Gently bend the lashes into a C shape and hold for a few seconds. Your eyelash extensions must follow the natural contours of the upper eyelid to ensure they adhere properly and look natural altogether. Skipping this step will result in the edges to be damaged over time. 

Use an applicator 

To position the eyelash extensions accurately and properly, you need to use a trusted pair of tweezers. The Elleebana Tweezer Fine I-Type will help in the application process, as well as isolating lashes for a more natural look. It takes practice to use tweezers in putting the extensions on, but with practice, you’ll figure out the right technique that produces the best results. Make sure to be firm but gentle with the lashes during application to prevent any damage. 

Apply Lash Adhesive

One of the most crucial steps in eyelash extension application is the application of lash adhesive. Instead of applying the adhesive directly onto the lash strip, experts recommend using a toothpick to apply just the right amount of adhesive. Place a small amount of adhesive on the back of your hand and apply the glue using a toothpick. Hold the lash strip with your tweezers and make sure to apply just the right amount of adhesive along the band. Don’t forget to coat the ends of the lash strip with lash adhesive as these areas are the first parts to pull up first. Wait for ten seconds until the adhesive gets a bit tackier for better adhesion. 

Apply the lashes

Another tricky part of the process is the application of lashes. Take your time to make sure that your lash extensions are on top of your natural lashes. One common mistake that women make is applying the band on the eyelids. If you want your lash extensions to stay put, it’s best to place the lashes as close as possible to your natural lash line. 

Eyelash Placement

Setting your lashes correctly requires gently grasping the false lashes and real lashes together. You can use a tweezer for this step or use your fingertips. While the glue is still wet, the lashes are still flexible to set into the correct position, so it pays to be extremely patient while setting your eyelash extensions in place. If you see any gaps between your fake and real lashes, you can simply fill in the spaces with liquid eyeliner for a more natural look. If you want to use a curler, make sure to wait two minutes after the application to do so. 

Eyelash extension application isn’t an easy process. During your first few attempts, you’ll find it to be extremely frustrating. But just like any other skill, practice makes perfect. You will look effortlessly stunning once you have mastered this skill and will find yourself using eyelash extension for every special occasion or even for daily use. If you want to check out our premium grade eyelash extension products, tools, and kits, please visit our Beauty Warehouse shops located in Caringbah, Five Dock, Mortdale, Wollongong, and Leumeah. For enquiries, you may reach us on 1300 929 033 today.