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The Benefits of Using Under Eye Masks

The Benefits of Using Under Eye Masks article image by Beauty Warehouse

Sheet masks are undeniably skincare staples, but they don’t treat the areas around the eye region. Although face masks might deliver traces of beneficial ingredients near the eye area, these are simply not enough to target specific concerns such as dark circles, puffiness, crows feet, and fine lines. There are many causes of under-eye problems, including inadequate sleep, poor skin care routine, dry climate, allergies, and the use of the wrong products around the eye region. 

Adding an under-eye mask to your skincare routine will help improve the appearance and overall condition of the skin under the eyes. Mask treatments that are specifically designed for under the eyes are suited with ingredients that are potent in addressing common skin issues without causing any irritation to this sensitive part of the face. Eye masks are the best solution if you want to brighten the skin surrounding the eyes and produce an overall radiant glow. 

What are undereye masks?

Under eye masks work similarly to face masks in that they are loaded with beneficial ingredients. The benefits are meant to address the periorbital area, which is the delicate skin region surrounding the eyes. When choosing eye marks, make sure to be familiar with the ingredients, as some may cause severe irritation. It is also important to follow the proper application and use it to minimise the risk of side effects. 

Identify the skin concerns that you want to solve using an eye mask. Eye masks come in various formulations, such as those that are designed to treat puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines, and dry skin just to name a few. 

The most common ingredients that are included in eye masks formulations are those that are typically found in eye creams, too, including caffeine, retinol, collagen, hyaluronic acid, peptides, and many more. 

The application time varies between products, as some products need 20 to 30 minutes to ensure all ingredients are absorbed into your skin, while some may require shorter or longer application time. 

The Benefits of using Undereye Masks

  • Targets puffiness 
  • Reduces the appearance of aging signs
  • Brightening effect 
  • Instant hydration boost
  • Skin-soothing

The Best Under-Eye Masks of 2021

  • Beauty Pro Eye Therapy Undereye Mask

Let’s admit it! Things have not been going very well lately. The sleeplessness, anxiety, and stress that most of us experience these days reveal themselves in the state of our skin. As the under-eye region is very delicate, it is extremely vulnerable to both internal and external stressors. 


If you are dealing with puffy and tired eyes, we highly recommend using the Beauty Pro Eye Therapy Undereye Mask. The mask was designed to treat all types of under-eye skin concerns, including puffiness, tired-looking or swollen eyes, as well as aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles. 


The formulation is enriched with nourishing skincare ingredients, including collagen, green tea, aloe vera, citrus extracts, and Vitamins A & E. The Beauty Pro Eye Therapy Under Eye Mask comes in teardrop patches that you apply under the eyes for 20 minutes. The patches are known to relax and soothe the under-eye region immediately. With regular use, you will notice the skin around the eyes to look more refreshed and relaxed. Make sure to give this one a try!

  • Satin Smooth Ultimate Undereye Collagen Mask

Collagen is a beneficial skin ingredient as it gives the eyes an immediate brightening effect. It is extremely effective in reinvigorating the skin, reducing unsightly signs such as dark circles and puffiness. Collagen is also an important anti-aging compound that reduces the appearance of aging signs such as crows feet and fine lines. 

If you want to slow down the development of skin aging signs, you want an undereye mask that contains collagen and other anti-aging ingredients. One of the best undereye masks to include in your skincare routine is Satin Smooth Ultimate Undereye Collagen Mask. The advanced formulation features many beneficial ingredients, including milk, honey, rose flower oil, collagen, and Vitamin C. It also contains hydrating ingredients to manage stressed skin and dry skin, all of which contributes to worsening skin aging signs. Investing in this premium undereye collagen mask will make sure your skin gets the nourishment it deserves. 

You could also use collagen eye masks during facials, massage treatments and aromatherapy sessions to boost your existing beauty packages. There’s zero extra work involved but the results will speak for themselves when your clients leave your salon feeling pampered and well-rested after experiencing such a refreshing treatment.

  • Spascriptions Gold Hydrogel Eye Mask

If you’re seeking a superior quality undereye mask that targets aging signs and dry skin, experts highly recommend putting Spascriptions Gold Hydrogel Eye Mask on your shopping list. Its key ingredient is gold- a compound that is proven to aid in diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The formulation also features ingredients that firm and tone the skin. With regular use, Spascriptions Gold Hydrogel Eye Mask boosts hydration levels, delivering smooth, soft, and revitalised skin. This gold-infused eye mask will give you the overall radiant complexion that you’ve always wanted. 

Undereye Mask Application Expert Tips

  • Remove makeup and clean your face thoroughly before undereye mask application to ensure the ingredients are fully absorbed by the skin. 
  • After undereye mask application, experts recommend applying a thin layer of eye cream to seal in ingredients and further nourish the skin. 
  • Make sure to apply the undereye mask not too close to the eyes as this may cause redness and irritation. 
  • Discontinue use if you notice any swelling or long-term irritation from under-eye mask use. 
  • Just like any other skincare product, it’s always best to consult your dermatologist before use of a new undereye mask product. 

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