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Holiday Hairstyles and Trends for 2021

Holidays and special occasions involve attendance to parties, countless merriment, and too many selfies. Whatever the event, be it a family reunion, a gathering with friends, or an exclusive black-tie event, having the right hairstyle is key to completing your look. 

On this post, we will give you a quick rundown of the most stylish hairstyles for holidays and special events. They’re extremely easy to achieve and require the use of several hairstyling products. 


  • Blow-Dry Glamour


Whether you are heading to a Christmas party, a wedding, or a corporate event, a blow-dry will always look effortlessly elegant on you. There are many benefits to blow-drying your hair. The heat emitted by hair dryers gives the hair volume, smoothness, and intense shine. If you don’t have the time or skill to execute complex hairstyling or you simply don’t have the time or budget to go to a salon, a trusty hair dryer is all you need to pull off this holiday hairstyle. 

The use of hair dryers is not limited to blow-drying. You can use it to curl, straighten, and add depth to your hair. If you don’t have one yet, purchasing a quality hair dryer such as the Parlux 385 Ceramic/Ionic Dryer will be an excellent investment. It’s salon-grade performance and power dries hair easily and features a good design for excellent handling when styling your hair. A few other essentials that you need to achieve blow-dry bombshell results are styling mousse to remove frizz and round brush to create curls or even straighten kinks. We recommend the De Lorenzo Elements Motions Mousse with UV protection and BX Gold Hot Tube brush to add to your hairstyling essentials. 


  • Beautiful Braids


Dressing up for the holidays can sometimes mean deviating from normal hairstyles. Special occasions during the holidays will require some effort into styling your hair or giving it a little bit of attention, too. If you want to flaunt your long hair, braided hairstyles are always a good idea. Braids are an excellent way of maintaining the lustre of your hair without going over the top on the use of products and styling tools. You may opt for the traditional French braid, or go fancy and try Fishtail, Rope Twister, Reverse, or Pull-Through Braids. Putting your hair into beautiful and intricate knots is a good styling inspiration if you’re planning to dress up in styling yet simple dress. 

Styling your hair in braids requires the use of specialized combs such as the Krest Cleopatra Tail Comb. This thin comb facilitates precise sectioning of hair resulting in smooth and frizz-free braided hairstyle. 


  • Elegant Chignon


To achieve a chic and elegant vibe on a special holiday event, the Chignon hairstyle is most preferred by women who want to exude effortless elegance without using too many products on their hair. You can even accessories a lazy Chignon by adding hair jewellery, bands, or even fresh flowers to finish the look. The Chignon can be worn by women of all ages but is particularly popular and suited for matured women attending formal holiday events. 

 Creating the Chignon hairstyle will require a lot of hairpins to hold the hair in place. Most importantly, you need a trusty hair spray to shape and smoothen the hair. We recommend the Schwarzkopf Silhouette Flexi Hold Hair Spray as it provides both body and bounce for a more natural finish. 


  • High Ponytails


A simple and yet stunning hairstyle that you may want to try for holiday parties is the high ponytail. Ideal for medium length to extremely long hair, this hairstyle effortlessly brings the highlight on your face and neck. It is relatively simple to create at home, too! No need to drive to the salon and pay for this beautiful holiday hairstyle. The sleek and high ponytail style is perfect for girls, teens, and women in their 20s. If you’re invited to a summer or spring holiday gathering, this is a hairstyling technique that you’d want to consider. 

To achieve a sleek look and tame unruly textures, apply a styling gel before putting your hair into a high ponytail. The Nak Amped Up Styling Gel will give a wet-looking style and maximum styling control. It is humidity resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your ponytail being weighed down over time. 


  • Roaring 20s Waves


For holiday celebrations, a lot of women want to look uniquely beautiful. If you are attending The Great Gatsby-themed holiday event, you can easily turn up with vintage-flapper hairstyles that will surely capture the attention and turn heads at the venue. For short-haired women, a curly updo accessorised with a glitzy headband will showcase the signature style of the 1920s. If you want a captivating and intricate hairstyle, how about a retro rolled updo where tresses are tucked stylishly sideways. Finish off the roaring 20s hairstyle by applying a feather or entwining ribbons along the length of the side hair rolls. 

If you want this hairstyle to endure hours of partying, you need a trusty hair product that will hold your locks into place. The Vitafive CPR Texture Definer Paste delivers medium to firm hold and adds much-needed texture to your updo. It also adds body and volume for those who have fine hair. 

Of course, before styling your hair for the holidays, a good hair prep routine is a must. Some hairstyles require the hair to have a bit of rough texture for flexible styling. In this case, use a shampoo with conditioning agents so your hair retains hydration to protect it from heat styling and products. We recommend the De Lorenzo Pre Moisture Balance Shampoo. This is also recommended for those with colour-treated hair as it contains no sulphates and enriched with naturally nourishing ingredients. 

Whatever style you pick for the holiday, make sure to be extra careful styling your hair. Don’t overdo the use of products and make sure to use the right tools to ensure your hair doesn’t suffer from long-term damage. 

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