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Top 5 Nail Polish Colour Trends for Summer

Top 5 Nail Polish Colour Trends for Summer article image by Beauty Warehouse

It’s officially summer! The heat and humidity are upon us and almost everyone is looking forward to having a grand time under the sun. With more than eight long months staying at home due to COVID-19, we can’t wait to hit the beach or simply go out to brunch while enjoying the fine weather that summer brings.

But before you hit the beach or wear your brand-new summer sandals, have you checked on your nails? You may have been avoiding the nail spa for some time now due to restrictions and precautions due to COVID-19 but this shouldn’t stop you from giving your nails the beauty and heavenly pampering they deserve. 

Putting on nail polish is an important summer accessory. Nail polish is affordable, so you really can’t complain about not having the budget to get a shade or twelve for summer. You can change your nail polish according to your mood, wardrobe, and occasion, hence investing in nail polish from prominent brands is a no-brainer. 

For this year, what are the trendiest shades to rock? We’ll give you a quick rundown of summer hues that you will definitely love wearing all summer long. 

1. Fiery Reds

A good ick-me-upper after a gloomy time in quarantine is painting your nails with a fiery shade of red. A high-shine hue is not only sexy but sizzling, quickly boosting your confidence whether you’re at the beach or at a dinner date. To be honest, red nail polish isn’t just a summer polish, but one that is perfect for all seasons. The versatility of red nail polish is a fantastic option for those who want to look great day, afternoon, and night. 

The Vinylux Brick Knit is a classic example of red nail polish that never loses its glamour and shine. Its formulation guarantees up to a week of chip-free wear. This acrylic gel polish is perfect if you don’t have the luxury of time to perform a polish change every few days. It delivers a flawless and shiny finish that will complement the bright and energizing mood that summer brings. 

2. Cool tones of beige perfectly complements the warm vibe that is characteristic of the summer season. Milky tan shades will look good on you, especially when you’re tanning under the sun. It delivers a clean and elegant appearance. Lastly, you can wear just about anything with your beige nail polish. 

Vinylux Powder my Nose is a sensational shade that we know you’ll love to finally try out now that summer is here. It has a semi sheer coverage that can be worn for formal events and at a get together with your friends and family. If you can’t schedule an appointment with your nail spa just yet, you can get this item online, too. But beware as many nail polishes claiming to be Vinylux are a plenty on the Internet. Choose a trusted stockist when you prefer doing your manicure at home for the meantime. 

3. Purple Hues

Summer is all about colour, vibrancy, and freshness. Despite the intense heat in the summer, it’s also a time when flowers are in full bloom. You can replicate the same colour and bright mood by sporting a purple hue on your hands and feet. 

Choosing the right type of purple for your skin colour is crucial, but there are also purple or violet hues that go well with just about any skin shade. One perfect example of this is the Vinylux Thistle Thicket. Similar to all nail polishes from Vinylux, the Thistle Thicket lasts four times longer than regular nail lacquer. Thanks to its Pro-Light Technology and polymer bonds that help protect against resistance and chipping caused by sun exposure. So, if you want to be the centre of attention with minimal upkeep, we recommend trying out the Thistle Thicket on your nails. 

4. Summer is all about blue skies and the turquoise ocean. Blue is summer’s quintessential shade, and nobody can argue otherwise. If you want the summer vibe to last all season long, why not take the most beautiful shade of blue everywhere you go?

OPI nail lacquer in Gelato on my mind boasts the coolest hue of minty blue. This formula delivers a crème finish; hence it glides easily during application. The sweet pastel blue colour will make your hands look a few shades lighter making your hands stand out, especially at the beach! If you want to be the centre of attention without looking tacky, this is the best colour of blue for you!

5. Who doesn’t love pink nail polish? I’m sure we all chose pink once our parents allowed us to wear nail polish. Nothing can be more feminine and timeless than pastel pink. It’s a crisp and luxurious hue that makes the nails more sophisticated but can still look fun when paired with an itsy bitsy swimsuit. 

From all the pink nail polish options on the market, which one is the best for summer? Well now that we still can’t fly to great summer destinations, why not bring the vibrant colour of one of the most popular summer destinations on your hands and toes instead? 

OPI’s Kiss Me I’m Brazilian is stunning to say the least. The coral pink shade from OPI is dreamy, easy to apply, so you won’t really need to head to a spa to get the vibrancy on your nails. Coming from one of the best nail polish makers, OPI, you can expect for it to look shiny for many weeks to come. For a sheer finish, apply two coats of Kiss Me I’m Brazilian and three coats to achieve full opacity. Top it off with OPI Top Coat to speed up dry time and look ultra-polished for many days, or even weeks to come. 

When you’re looking for the coolest and dreamiest nail polish shades this summer, head to one of our Beauty Warehouse locations. We have a wide array of nail polish., lacquer, and acrylic gel polish from the best nail polish makers. Wherever you are in NSW, there’s a Beauty Warehouse store near you. Our shops are located at Mortdale, Wollonggong, Five Docks, Caringbah, and Leumeah.  For other enquiries, you may also call the Beauty Warehouse line on 1300 929 033 today.