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Waxing at Home During Lockdown

Waxing at Home During Lockdown image by Beauty Warehouse

Hair removal at your favourite salon may not be a good idea amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Although businesses are allowed to open for business in Australia, many people are still taking extra measures to protect themselves and their families. So, if you’re one of the few who badly need to have body hair removed, the good news is that you can do it within the comfort of home. 


But before you can successfully perform waxing at home, you need to do your research. In this article, we will teach you all there is to know about waxing at home. We hope that our comprehensive guide from the best professionals in the business provides you with the knowledge that you need to safely and effectively perform waxing during a lockdown or otherwise. 


Hot Wax vs. Strip Wax- Which is better?


Waxing can be a daunting activity, especially among women who have been going to waxing salons for years to have their hair removed. We do not take notice of the methods, brands, or techniques used during the procedure. But it’s best to know the waxing style will suit your needs. 


Salons typically utilise hot wax as it does not stick to the skin resulting in less painful sessions. As beauty counters usually do not sell hot wax, you may order them per piece online. Some of the highly recommended brands for at-home waxing are Arbre Professional Skin Care & Waxing SolutionsCaronlab Brazilian Beads Hot Wax, Depileve AzuleneJennai Soft/Silky Rainforest Hot WaxLycon Hot Wax, and Natural Look Solid Gold Hot Wax.     


Hot wax is ideal as it effectively removes unwanted hair without discomfort and pain. It is perfect for those with sensitive skin and best used for sensitive areas. You can use hard wax when removing hair from sensitive areas, including the underarms and bikini area. Make sure to follow the directions carefully to prevent accidents during the procedure. 


If you want speedy hair removal, you may also try using strip wax. Choose a strip wax set known for firm grip, easy application, and will leave your skin smooth without residue. Here are our strip wax recommendations: Caronlab Viva Azure Strip WaxJennai Strawberry Strip WaxLycon Active Gold Strip WaxMancine Brazilian Rose Strip Wax, and Adam Eve Angelic Orchid Strip Wax


Make the necessary preparations

It is also essential to prepare your skin before hot wax or strip application. Preparing your skin for a waxing session is crucial as it removes all dirt, bacteria, and sweat from the skin’s surface. We recommend Caronlab Pre-Wax Cleanser to sanitise your skin before waxing thoroughly. Professionals also recommend applying oil, such as Lycon Pre-Waxing Oil. Apply thinly onto the skin to create a lipid barrier between the wax and the skin. Oil application guarantees that the wax will be removed in the cleanest and fastest way without leaving any wax or sticky residue on your skin. 


Make sure to cut excessively long body hairs before you begin waxing. Bear in mind that hot wax and strips are only effective in removing short facial hairs. You will end up wasting your waxing products if you attempt to remove long body hairs. 


If you plan to remove your entire body at one go, make sure to perform a thorough body scrubbing a day before waxing at home. We highly recommend using Treaclemoon Body Scrub as it will effectively remove dead skin cells, which may otherwise stick to the wax if not removed before waxing. Make the most out of your waxing products, so make sure to take these necessary preparatory steps. 


Purchase a Quality Waxing Kit


You can buy all waxing essentials separately, or you can enjoy the convenience and savings of buying a complete waxing kit instead. If you have two or more people waxing at home, it’s best to purchase a waxing kit for its efficiency and money-saving factor. Most waxing kits come with everything you need to pull off a perfect hair removal session. A standard waxing kit includes the following items:


- Wax heater

- Microwaveable hard wax

- Microwaveable strip wax

- Strips

- Spatula

- Tweezer


Depending on the budget, you may choose starter kits with extra accessories. There are also waxing kits for sensitive areas and the face. Some of the top-rated waxing kits are as follows: Caronlab Pro Waxing Starter KitLycon Eyebrow Precisions Wax, and Tint Kit, and Lycon Professional Strip Waxing Kit.


Technique is Everything


A few rules when applying hot wax or strips on your skin:


  • Apply wax or strip in the direction of hair growth and remove against the hair growth. Use a metal wax spatula for even application. The spatula is reusable, so it’s ideal for those who wax their body hairs regularly.
  • Use hard wax when removing hairs in sensitive areas such as the underarms and bikini line. As hard wax is gentler on the skin, you may apply it on the same spot twice if you are unable to remove all the hairs the first time. 
  • Never apply hot wax or wax strips on open cuts. As much as possible, avoid waxing during your period as you are more sensitive during this time of the month. 
  • Don’t just rip the strip wax off your skin. For best results, hold and stretch the skin while removing the strip to reduce redness on the skin's uppermost layer. 


Waxing Aftercare Tips

Your at-home waxing session doesn’t end when all the body hairs are removed. Aftercare is just as important as preparation. Make sure to sanitise your skin using a cleanser with antibacterial properties. As the pores are still open after waxing, cleaning your skin after waxing will minimise the chance of bacteria from entering your pores and creating havoc on your skin. Use Lycon Alo Vera Gel to soothe any irritation or redness after cleansing. We also recommend moisturising the skin after cleansing. Use Caronlab Afterwax Lotion in Tea Tree Oil to soothe and nourish on newly-waxed areas of the body. 


It’s not hard to perform waxing on yourself at home. Make sure to use the right products, techniques, and tools to ensure the success of your hair removal session at home.