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Basic Hair Tools Checklist

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A hair expert is known for her tools and it is her mastery over these tools that makes her beautiful and confident. If you are an aspiring hair stylist or you simply want to recreate the hair looks of your favourite celebrities, you need to work with the right tools for the best results. It is a must to have superior-quality hair tools and accessories in your beauty kit. They are great investments especially if you like styling your hair on a daily basis or if you are planning to be a professional hair stylist in the near future. 


When investing your money on hair tools, make sure to be diligent on research. You need to plan your purchase by looking into the basic hair tools before making any purchase. Here are the foundations of a good hair styling kit that you need to know:


  • All-Purpose Shears


Hairstyling will always involve some cutting and trimming of hair, so make sure to invest on a good set of shears with sizes between 5.5 and 6.5 inches. For precise cuts, smaller shears work best and for larger areas you may use the larger shears for their time-saving benefits. You may start growing your shears kit by purchasing one that works best for precision cutting and cutting large areas. We recommend that you purchase a 6.25-inch shear to enjoy the best of both worlds. 


  • Blow Dryer


A hair dryer is a hairstyling kit essential as it is effective in keeping your hair moisturized even after a thorough blow drying. You need to choose a blow dryer that isn’t too heavy, so you can have better control when blow drying your hair. It’s best to choose one with quiet operation features. This is especially important if you plan on using it at home. Technical specifications should always be reviewed prior to buying a hair dryer. Never compromise on the quality, since cheap blow dryers can dry and burn your scalp when they are used improperly or end up malfunctioning. 


Here are some of our hair dryer recommendations: Parlux Alyon Dryer 2250W, Parlux 3200 Ceramic/Ionic Dryer, and the SB Baby Travel Dryer best for when you travel.  

  • Curling Iron


It’s always best to have a curling iron on standby. You may not use it every single day, but if you have one in your hairstyling kit, you won’t need to go to the salon to get an expensive styling appointment. 


A curling iron is very versatile since you can create a variety of looks with just one tool. When choosing a curling iron, pick one that gives you the best control and has a range of technique features. 


The SB Fastlane Curling Iron and the SB Fastlane Conical Regular Curling Iron are some of the best products under the curling iron category. 

  • Hair Brushes


Use high-quality brushes to tame your hair. Cheap brushes can cause breakage and ultimately damage your hair strands. A good brush also helps by stimulating the scalp, allowing it to release natural oils and nourish the hair from root to tips. 


You need a blow-drying brush that will be your best friend when styling hair. It helps give a smoother and sleek finish on your hair, and speeds up the drying process, too. Choose a blow-drying hair brush that features a ceramic barrel. This type of brush has the ability to retain heat, which in turn helps in cutting down the drying time.


  • Hair Straightener


The perfect hair straightener is one that will let you flatten or straighten your hair for many years without causing any serious damage to your locks. It is always best to spend time choosing the right hair straightener, as this tool doesn’t come cheap. 


Hair straighteners are very versatile tools as it can be used to curl and add volume on your hair, too. When choosing one, make sure to choose one with wider plates if you want to save time on styling your hair. 


Here are some of the top-rated hair straighteners to choose from SB Keratin 230IR Elysium Infrared, SB Keratin 230 Titanium Plates,  and SB Keratin 230 Ceramic Plates


  • Hair Trimmer


Your hairstyling kit wouldn’t be complete with a trusty hair trimmer. It’s a device that removes hair quickly and lets you create various textures in various parts of your hair. Choose a hair trimmer that features detachable and interchangeable attachments to get the most bang for your buck.


The SB Quick Trim Hair Trimmer delivers both quality and excellent value for money. 

  • Sectioning Clips


These are small, inexpensive, but crucial tools for hairstyling. It holds hair sections firmly while you are styling or cutting the rest of your hair. Buy hair clips with excellent grip features for better efficiency and speed in styling. Make sure to get clips that can be used on both dry and wet hair. 


  • Hair Products


Of course, you need to install hair care products on your kit, too:


  • Make sure to have volumizing products such as hair sprays for straight hairs and hair mousse when styling curly or wavy hair.  
  • Leave-in conditioners will be handy if you need to add a bit of hydration to your hair before and after styling. 
  • Paddle brushes work well when you do not have a blow dryer to dry your hair. It keeps the hair straight and smooth, too. 
  • Use a curl cream to help volumize and define your curls. It’s always nice to have a hair diffuser tool which can help reduce frizz and speeds up the drying time, too. 


Where should you buy your basic hairstyling tools?


Most of these hairstyling essentials are sold in kits. They are more cost-effective to buy in kits and are easier since you don’t have to buy them individually. For added hairstyling tools and products, you can browse through our wide selection of hairstyling tools and equipment at Beauty Warehouse. Whether you are looking to buy wholesale or a single item, we are the authority in everything and anything beauty.