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Fake Tan Tips

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Self-tanning can get ridiculously messy, especially when you have no knowledge and experience in doing so. But during these times that it’s worrisome to schedule a visit to your favourite tanning salon, you can learn how to fake a tan right within the comfort of home. Get that summer glow you want without going outside your house and tips on how you can maintain your beautiful tan for a long time. 


Here are expert fake tan tips from professionals. 


  • Preparation is key prior to self-tanning


One effective way of protecting your fake tan is by way of proper preparation. Make sure to get a good scrubbing from head to toe the night before your fake tan procedure. Exfoliate dead skin cells, so that the tanning ingredients will adhere better on your skin. One of the active ingredients in self-tanning products, dihydroxyacetone (DHA) develops a reaction when in contact with keratin, the protein that makes up your skin. Make sure to exfoliate the skin at least eight hours prior to your fake tan application to effectively remove dead skin cells. This also ensures that the tanning ingredients will stay on your skin longer. 


  • Choose a good pre-tanning exfoliator


You don’t have to search far and wide for good pre-tanning exfoliators, as most that are in stores may contain ingredients that may reduce its exfoliating powers. Body scrubs that contain oils are not recommended prior to self-tanning. These products leave a thin film of oil on the surface which in turn disrupts the development of tanning solution on your skin. They may also break down the tanning solution resulting in accelerated fading on your skin. Find a gentle scrub that can buff away dead skin cells and prepare your body for a smooth and even glow. 


We recommend Black Magic Exfoliating Mitt for an even and effective exfoliation before self-tanning

  • To wear or not to wear undergarments for self-tanning


This will boil down to your personal preference. You can go nude while self-tanning for that even and no tan line effect. In the case that you want to wear undergarments, make sure to choose a piece that you don’t mind throwing away. This is especially true if you aren’t that used to self-tanning at home, you will find that application can go all over the place. 


  • Wear nail polish to protect your nail beds. 


You can wear anything, even a clear nail varnish before tanning. This will protect your nail beds from getting seriously stained by tanning products. It can be unsightly to see your nails turning orange or brown after self-tanning, so make sure to have your nails covered in nail polish. You don’t need to go on a full manicure to prime for self-tanning, so just make sure to have a clear coat nail polish on hand. 


  • You really don’t need to shave before a fake tan


One common misconception about self-tanning is that you need to be hair-free before the procedure. You don’t necessarily need to be hairless prior to a self-tanning procedure. You will look evenly smooth and flowing even when you have body hairs during tanning. But if you prefer to have your hair removed, make sure to do this at least 24 hours before your tanning application. If you have small nicks and cuts as a result of hair removal, you will find that tanning immediately after can cause minor discomfort and pain. It’s best to give your skin enough time to rest in between these two procedures, so that your skin heals and dries properly first. 


  • Patience is a virtue


Be patient as fake tans typically develop a few hours after application. If you want a deep and glowing tan that is even and lasting, it’s best to leave the solution on your skin overnight. At the most, you may have to wait at least eight hours after application before you can rinse off the remaining solution. 


If you choose to use an express self-tanning system, you need to wait at least three hours for your ideal colour to develop on your skin. Bear in mind that your tan will continue to look darker over time, so don’t run out of patience and load up your skin with another layer of the solution. 


To prolong the life of your tan, you may use Summer Tan Extender for best results.

  • Don’t use topical skincare products immediately after tanning


One of the biggest drawbacks of getting a fake tan is that you need to sacrifice using skincare products for a short while. If you want to maintain your skincare routine, you can probably skip tanning your fake all together. This is especially true for those who suffer from breakouts often or have skin conditions that need to be taken care of on a daily basis. Skincare products contain ingredients such as oils, balms, chemical exfoliants, and salicylic acid that can speed up the breakdown of your fake tan. There are also ingredients that can make your fake tan look dry and dehydrated over time. 


You can go back to your skincare routine once the tanning solution has been rinsed, dried, and developed. If you are foregoing tanning your face, you can always use face self-tanning products such as the Naked Tan Goddess Gradual Tan into your skincare routine to mimic a sun kissed glow. 

  • Be prepared to correct your errors


Don’t expect your first self-tanning procedure to be a success. Since you are dealing with a liquid solution, chances are you will get some of the product in places where it shouldn’t be. It is also important to bear in mind that self-tanning solutions fade after two weeks, due to the skin’s natural regeneration process. It’s fine to wash the body regularly with minimal scrubbing to ensure an even tan for a few weeks. 


In the case of patches and you want to remove your tan all together, you may use exfoliating products and combine with the use of a self-tan removing mitt. There are also self-tanning removal products such as Black Magic Tan Remover Foam that you can use if you wish to speed up the removal process. 

We hope that these tips will help you achieve a smooth and sun-kissed tan effect that you’ve always wanted. Self-tanning is a form of self-care that you may want to consider during these trying times as it enhances not only your looks but your sense of confidence and wellbeing, too.