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How the Beauty Industry is Responding to COVID-19

The beauty industry was unable to escape the wrath of the coronavirus pandemic. During the first-few weeks of its spread across many countries, beauty companies and service providers had to suspend their respective in-store treatments and services, but once incidence was rising rapidly, retail stores were forced to shut down their operations all together. At present, almost all beauty brands had to make changes in order to adapt to the evolving needs of consumers as a result of the pandemic and its impact on our health and economy. 

Beauty is Wellness and Wellness is Beauty

It’s not as if men and women don’t find the need to procure beauty products and utilise beauty services. Policies implemented by the government and health authorities have made it challenging for the beauty industry to be accessible and available to consumers. The beauty industry surely took a major hit from this pandemic that is still affecting your day-to-day living. 

There’s no telling until when we have to live up with the changes of COVID-19, but this much is true- the beauty sector is still undergoing many changes to supply the demands of its consumers. Although not considered as an essential good or service, we need the beauty industry not only for aesthetic reasons, but more for its positive impact on our wellness. 

Beauty that Heals from Within

We are seeing a positive shift in the beauty industry as major brands are now developing products and services that answer to the growing number of mental health conditions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Goods and services that were once deemed optional “beauty” products are now necessities. Innovation has made it possible for many companies to develop products that deliver physical and mental wellness benefits. Here are some beauty trends that reveal how the beauty industry is slowly adapting to the “new normal” post COVID-19 world.

  • Digital Beauty

Some beauty brands have decided to be on hiatus during the stay-at-home orders while some persevere and have instead migrated their platform online. Beauty brands that have established their presence long before the Coronavirus pandemic hit found it easier to market all of their products and services online, while some had to go through the pain of building their own sites during an extremely stressful time. 

The business model of even the biggest beauty brands had to change. Companies are now utilizing the direct-to-consumer business model if they wanted to continue their operations and grow their business. Many beauty companies suffered significant losses due to the nature of their offerings. For instance, salons, nail spas, and aesthetic centres had to let go of their workforce as even the most loyal of clients deemed their services to be non-essential amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As the economy re-starts after a few months of hiatus, it was necessary for beauty and wellness service providers to invest in products and services that appease the mind of their customers. Certain revisions in the layout of salons and spas had to be made, so clients can practice social distancing and reduce the risk for infection and spread of the coronavirus. Stringent handwashing and hygienic measures are in place in order for beauty service providers to keep their businesses afloat in these trying times. 

Beauty companies that focus on selling products are now investing the majority of their marketing efforts online. While some are experiencing difficulty pivoting their efforts to the online platform, early adopters were quick to find ways on how to present their offerings as essential offerings amidst the problem caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

It seems that everything and anything that promotes cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitation are the hottest trend in the post-COVID world. Even the hottest beauty and fashion brands have changed their direction and are now producing safety essentials such as hand washing liquids, soaps, and disinfectants to keep their target market. There are also beauty companies that have completely changed their product offerings strictly for cleanliness and hygiene purposes only. Clearly, tough times made it clear that demand will always be a major driver in the growth potential of businesses. 

And since the beauty industry has now shifted online, instant or quick beauty is hard to achieve in these day and age. A trip to the salon is a chore these days and a facial, which was once a necessity for beauty-obsessed consumers is now an option. 

  • Home Beauty

So, the question is what are consumers doing at present to deal with their beauty dilemmas? The answer comes in three letters- D.I.Y. Consumers are now realising that most of the products and services which they used to invest huge chunks of their salaries on can be achieved online, too. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic blew up, beauty companies are now catering to the rising demand for D.I.Y. beauty regimens that can be performed indoors and promise the same professional-grade results. The quality of ingredients of beauty products such as cosmetics, masks, and hair treatments are now of utmost importance and that beauty companies are improving, so as to not lose their share of the market. 

  • D.I.Y. masks are all the rage these days. The more soothing and relaxing the ingredients, the higher the demand for it. 
  • Nail and manicure D.I.Y. sets are also increasing in demand as men and women simply can’t wait to get their hands and feet pampered after many weeks of staying at home. 
  • Beauty brands that are known for their great skincare collections have experienced a surge in the demand of their product offerings. People are stressed these days and their stress levels are revealed through their skin. And even the majority of consumers are now staying and working from home, video calls and conferences are commonplace, so your friends can still see how much your skin is sagging or is breaking out from weeks of being cooped up at home. 

We are still far from enjoying a free and care-free beauty industry. Until such time, it’s best to stick to these ingenious beauty innovations. For now, it’s safe to say that focusing on relaxing beauty treatments and taking advantage of the simple and yet satisfying beauty D.I.Y. beauty regimens that you can within the comfort of your home are the safest way to achieve beauty and wellness in the post-COVID world. 

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