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Here are Tips and Tricks on How to Clean your Makeup Brushes at Home

Your makeup brushes are some of the most abused tools in your beauty arsenal, so it’s only proper to give it a much-needed professional-grade cleaning. It is important to give your makeup brushes regular cleaning and disinfection. Makeup brushes can get easily dirty from regular use, but although we are aware of this fact, we do not give it the same amount of regular cleaning as we do to our face. 

If your brushes are currently saturated with makeup products that it's difficult to see the original colour of their bristles, it’s high time that you make routine makeup brush cleaning a habit. 

What makes your makeup brushes dirty?

So, how dirty can makeup brushes get. Makeup brushes come into contact with many things. Apart from makeup pigments, brushes also pickup dead skin cells, which makes them a hotbed for bacteria. Imagine having to apply dead skin cells back to your skin. 

Dirty brushes can take a huge toll on your skin health. Even if you think you are taking good care of your makeup brushes regularly, chances are you aren’t doing it right. If you are suffering from skin rashes and unsightly blemishes, the chemical makeup of the things you use on your face aren’t always the root cause of your skin problems. It’s best to also consider the tools that you use to apply these products with. 

The daily grime accumulation on makeup brushes result in breakouts, skin irritation, and inflammation issues. The same can be said when you use makeup sponges such as the famous Beauty Blender. Those bouncy beauty sponges retain just as much germs, and filth than brushes and should also receive the same amount of cleansing and disinfection. Ideally, beauty sponges are to be cleaned regularly, ideally weekly especially if you are using them on a daily basis and replaced every three months. It’s an investment that you must make if you want to have flawless skin with or without makeup. 

Some professional makeup artists even avoid using makeup sponges as they harbor pigments, grease, and dirt deep within its deeper layers, so it can be challenging to keep them 100% clean and sanitary at all times. 

In addition, not sharing makeup applicators and makeup brushes should be a golden rule for all women. You can pick-up skin conditions or even conjunctivitis and unsightly mouth sores if you are being too generous with your makeup tools. 

The build-up of dirt and grease accelerates may also cause accelerated skin ageing. This is also one of the reasons why it’s best to give your makeup brushes some pampering on a regular basis. It is suggested that filthy makeup brushes may lead to the breakdown of elastin and collagen fibres-skin components that are known to suffer from oxidative stress as a result of proliferation of free radicals. Making sure your brushes are clean before use can help lessen the amount of pollutants that the skin has to deal with. 

What other substances can be found on makeup brushes?

Apart from makeup pigments and dead skin cells, your brush may also be a potential haven for microorganisms. According to some studies, you may see some dead mites on your cosmetic brushes. These mites usually live on our facial hairs such as nose hairs and lashes and feed on dead skin cells and oil that the skin naturally produces. They are essentially harmless creatures but may cause acne for those who have sensitive skin. 

Another microorganism that may be found in brushes are bacteria strain including e-coli, staphylococcus, streptococcus, as well as fungi that may infest and wreak havoc to your skin. Although a large number of these strains are harmless for those with health and balanced skin, they are found to cause irritation and inflammation if you have compromised immunity or if the brushes are poorly maintained and are kept in warm and damp places such as in the bathroom. It is therefore important for you to keep your makeup brushes in a cool and dry place, so bacteria do not proliferate over time. 

Synthetic makeup brushes are easier to clean and last longer. Quality synthetic makeup brushes can last for up to 10 years. You may also want to choose brushes that feature anti-bacterial protection. Natural makeup brushes are not only expensive, but they are known to be high-maintenance in nature. Without regular cleaning, makeup brushes with natural hair bristles easily collect grease which makes it hard to blend makeup. 

So, how do you clean makeup brushes? Here is a step-by-step procedure of cleaning your makeup brushes at home. You can get a professional-grade clean when you follow these makeup brushes cleaning tips. 

  • Wash your brushes with anti-bacterial soap or baby shampoo with gentle cleansing ingredients in lukewarm water. You may also use dishwashing liquid, but only use this if you don’t have antibacterial soap and baby shampoo at hand. Make sure to use gentle washing products as harsh detergents may be effective but it can also damage the brushes over time. 
  • Dip brushes or place your brush under running water individually. You may then soap the brushes into a bowl of anti-bacterial soap or silicone-free baby shampoo. Rub the bristles in a gentle fashion. You may use your fingers to produce a nice lather.
  • Swirl brushes under running water or until all lather has disappeared. Hold the brush under running water for another 5 seconds to ensure a thorough clean. You may also use brush mats to clean your brushes. Makeup brush mats speeds up the cleaning process. If you have the budget, you may also buy specialised cleaning tools and products for your brushes. 
  • If you still detect residue on your brushes, you may repeat the process. Gently squeeze excess water from your brushes and lay them on a dry towel to dry. 
  • If you want your brushes to smell nice without irritating the skin, you may apply a little bit of lavender scent on them. 
  • When drying your brushes, make sure to lay them flat beside one another, with enough spacing in between. Do not stack your brushes on top of each other as this may delay drying time and produce strange smells once dry. 

Follow these steps and tricks the next time you wash your makeup brushes and notice how nice they blend makeup and make your skin smooth and glowing, too. 

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