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3 Beauty Changes You Should Embrace While Stuck at Home

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Maintaining a beauty routine is a way of showing the world our bravery and the dignity we deserve. In these trying times, expressing self-love and self-respect is crucial to survive the stresses that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into our lives. In order to feel and look beautiful, we need to focus our attention on activities which not only make us look good from the outside, but also feel good from within. 

Although true beauty is not totally dependent on external factors, it is imperative that we maintain or re-establish a beauty routine to create some semblance of normalcy in our lives. Most importantly, the beauty changes that we make during quarantine and self-isolation should arise from self-love rather than following the latest trends in beauty and wellness. 

Sticking to a beauty routine while stuck at home is important. Although it may be difficult to build and follow one while thinking about the uncertainties that the future may bring, it is recommended to keep a firm spirit, so that we can use these beauty routines as anchors that help in keeping track of time and schedule. Establishing these beauty routines will not only make you feel glamorous amidst COVID-19 crisis, but also lead to a better quality of life until such time we are allowed to go outside and live a new normal way of life. 

  • Skincare Treatments

Since your movements are limited inside your home, you can cut down on your skincare routine to a few essential steps. It’s important to include masks and treatments as an integral part of your skincare regimen. Sunlight plays an important role in skin health. Although too much exposure is considered dangerous, healthy amounts of sunlight is beneficial not only to skin health but overall health, too. 

Without adequate sun exposure and an erratic schedule, the skin is prone to breakouts, dryness, and dull complexion. You can combat these problems by applying masks and skin treatments at least once a week. 

It’s recommended to remove dead skin cells from the skin every few days or at least once weekly Use skincare products that contain gentle physical or chemical exfoliants to eliminate dead skin cells and reveal new skin. 

After proper cleansing do not forget to put on a mask to rejuvenate and nourish the skin. We recommend using Mayerling Anti Stress Mask. It contains ingredients that eliminate the effects of both external and internal stressors from the outermost skin layer. This mask aims to calm stressed skin by removing contaminants that clog the pores, absorb excess oil, and purge the skin of toxins, too. It contains essential skin nutrients that promote health skin. The Mayerling Anti Stress Mask also contains ingredients that hydrate and moisturise the skin. Using the Mayerling Anti Stress Mask at least once a week will help reveal smooth, radian, and flawless skin. 

For regular skincare, we recommend adding Mayerling Dermal Transfer Serum. It infuses Vitamin C with powerful antioxidants, marine extracts, and botanical emollients that results in brighter, firmer, and deeply hydrated skin. It nourishes the skin with the right ingredients and detoxifies the skin, delivering anti-aging effects as well. The Mayerling Dermal Transfer Serum is perfect for all skin types. It’s an anti-aging serum that diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, reduces the appearance of skin discolourations, and improves overall skin elasticity. With regular use, the Dermal Transfer Serum from Mayerling will give you a radiant, hydrated, and ageless skin. 

  • Haircare Essentials

It’s a perfect time to let our hair soak in its own natural oils to make it silky soft and smooth. But do make sure to shampoo and deep condition the hair on a regular basis, too. A nourishing hair treatment is always a good idea too. Since there is no need to style your hair with curling irons, straightening tools, and hair blower, your hair will remain healthy and adequately nourished, too. 

You may be tempted to colour your hair out of boredom, but if you can control the urge, experts recommend letting your hair grow out and thrive in its natural beauty. Chemicals can further dry the hair cuticles leaving your hair feeling rough and unmanageable. If you find the need to colour the roots, you may do so but make sure to deep condition your hair after root retouch treatments at home. 

You don’t need to cut your hair too short or go bald just because you’ve run out of things to do while in self-isolation. Your hair will appreciate the occasional trim at the ends and cutting of split ends. Cutting the split ends will encourage your hair to grow faster, too. 

  • Nailcare

The majority of women list going to the nail salon one of their first activities once we’re all allowed to go outside and live the new normal way of life. As nail salons are deemed non-essential service, there is still uncertainty on when they will finally open. Thankfully, there are at home nail care kits, tools, and products that you can use at home for a luxurious faux-nail spa manicure experience.

Ideally, give your nails some much-needed rest from nail polish application. Although they may look nice on your nails, they also add stress to your nails, making them unhealthy in the long run. What you can do however is use nail care products that encourage strong nails. Nourishing the nails beds is important, too. Instead of applying nail polish, we highly recommend using cuticle oil to nourish and hydrate the skin around the nails. Try California Mango Cuticle Oil, an excellent nail care product that protects the cuticles against damage and improves its appearance, as well as the overall health of nails. It’s also recommended for those with dry and cracked nails as it delivers deep hydration and moisturising ingredients. 

We highly recommend spending at least 30 minutes to an hour for nail care and maintenance. Your nails will be in top shape and ready to get polished once we’re allowed to step out of our homes once again. 

To check out more quality products and tools to maintain a successful beauty routine at home, visit us at Beauty Warehouse. If you have questions regarding the products that we sell, you may also reach us on our direct line 1300 929 033.