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A Beginner Guide on How to Do Waxing at Home

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Do Waxing at Home article image by

If you are still using razors to groom your body hairs, it’s time to put that primitive tool down and switch to hair waxing. You can’t deny the fact that shaving your body hair, regardless of location, is tedious and time-consuming, not to mention the skin irritation and occasional nicks and cuts from shaving jobs done haphazardly. But in these trying times when waxing salons are closed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, how can you even start? The good news is that you can use at-home waxing kits to get that smooth, silky, and hair-free skin that you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank and going out of your home. 

A DIY waxing kit such as the Caronlab Facial Waxing Kit will help you take hairy matters into your own hands. Once you have perfected hair waxing at home with reliable tools and products such as those included in the Caronlab Facial Waxing Kit, you don’t have to schedule an appointment with a waxing salon. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide and tips on how you can wax your body hairs fast, easy, and hassle-free right in the comfort of your home. 

  • Use for a waxing solution that is easy to wash off from the skin

One of the main benefits of waxing at home is that you have more control over the amount of formula applied on different body parts. It’s always best to consider your skin type when selecting the solution that can remove unwanted hairs efficiently. 

You can use both strips and hard wax when waxing at home. To remove hairs from large skin areas such as in the legs, use the Caronlab Venetian Spunlace Strips. For smaller skin surfaces such as in the face, bikini region, and armpits, we recommend Caronlab Brilliance Microwaveable Hard Wax. The hard wax may be heated using a microwave, but if you are going to purchase the Caronlab Facial Waxing Kit, you may melt the wax but placing it on the Professional wax heater that is already included in the set. These waxing tools are very easy to use and are gentle on the skin hence your skin is safe from irritations. 

If you are removing hairs from medium-sized skin areas, use Strawberry Crème Microwaveable Strip Wax. Its fresh and sweet cream formulation also nourishes the skin while effectively removing hairs straight from the hair follicles. 

These waxing formulas are relatively easy to wash off from the skin. All you need is lukewarm water and a soap to completely remove traces of wax and cream. 

  • Always make sure to have an adequate supply of strips

If you prefer to use roll-on wax, you will need to have enough strips to complete a waxing job at home. The Caronlab Facial Waxing Kit comes with 50 pieces of Venetian Spunlace strips, so rest assured that you have enough strips that will cover both legs and arms, if you are inclined to do a whole-body waxing at home. 

To remove wax and that sticky feel after waxing, use Micro Defence Foam. This cleansing solution not only removes wax and hairs, but it also forms an extra layer of protection on the skin, preventing any germs from entering open pores after waxing. 

We also recommend the Wax Remover Citrus Clean if you are using hard wax. This product cleans and disinfects the skin, as well as leaves a fresh citrus scent to newly-shaven skin. 

  • Only wax when your leg hair is at its ideal length

To save your tools from wastage, you need to make sure that your leg hair is at the right length for efficient waxing. When your body and facial hairs are too short, the wax won’t have the power to grab onto them. Consequently, when the hairs are too long, you’ll end up with an extremely painful waxing session at home. 

Ideally, the length of your hairs should be at least quarter inch long for best waxing results. Since it is impossible to measure body and facial hair lengths manually, remember that it takes four weeks for your hair to grow quarter of an inch. The effects of your waxing session last between three to four weeks, but the rate of hair regrowth varies from person to person. By rule, you can do waxing at home every four weeks. 

  • Take your time waxing hair at home

Don’t rush your waxing session at home. When done haphazardly or in a rush, you will most assuredly end up with a mess and inferior results. Take your time. Allow the hard wax to melt completely using the heater. It is also ideal to mix the wax thoroughly to melt large clumps. You can do this by using Brow Beater disposable spatulas included in the Caronlab Facial Waxing Kit. Use the same spatula when spreading the wax thinly and evenly on your desired skin surface. 

Experts recommend starting your waxing session with clean skin. Use the cleansers included in the at-home waxing kit, or you may also use your preferred skin cleanser. Be efficient in removing hair from large skin surfaces using strips by quickly pulling the strip in towards your body. If there are small hairs left behind, use the Grip Tweezer SS Claw Slanted included in the Caronlab Facial Waxing Kit for a smooth and hair-free finish. 

After washing and cleaning out residue from your skin, top your skin off with Aloe Vera Hydrating Gel to soothe pores and hydrate the skin at the same time. 

You may purchase the complete Caronlab Facial Waxing Kit at Beauty Warehouse. We offer a wide range of self-care products and grooming tools. You may visit our offerings here, or you may also call us on our direct line 1300 929 033 for additional enquiries.