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A Beginner Guide to Eyelash Extensions

A Beginner's Guide to Eyelash Extensions article image by

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent aesthetic procedure where individual lashes are directly applied to your natural lashes with the use of professional-grade lash glue. The lashes that are used for extensions are typically made from mink, human hair, silk, and synthetic lashes, too. 


There are different lash styles that clients can choose from for their eyelash extension procedure. The most basic styles are the J, C, and D curls, among many others. The thickness and length of the lashes will also vary from one person to the next.


The eyelash extension offering in salons differ from one another, so make sure to ask your lash expert about the styles, thickness, and length available in-store. The type of eyelash extension for you will depend on many factors, including eye shape, size, and thickness of your natural lashes to create desirable and luscious lashes. 


Due to the increasing demand for eyelash extensions services, many salons now offer new styles and hybrid lashes styles to choose from. Eyelash lashes usually last for four to six weeks or depending on the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes. Similar to the hair on your head, your eyelashes will shed naturally. It goes without saying that during eyelash shedding, the extensions glued on top of it will come off, too. 


Different eyelash extension styles


One thing that you need to know about eyelash extensions is they come in different styles. There is no one-size-fits-all style if you want extensions that perfectly match your needs. 


The most important factors that are taken into consideration when choosing lashes for your session are as follows: density or thickness, curl type, and length. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, choosing which extension to choose, you may opt for the classic styles. But if you want more dramatic lashes, you may choose a classic but longer lashes. 


Classic Lashes


Classic lashes are made from fibres, but the most common are synthetic mink as this material is soft and feels lighter and more natural, too. You can choose from different lash curls, lengths, and density. 

In a classic lash extension procedure, one lash extension is applied to one natural eyelash. 


Russian Extensions


Russian eyelash extension is a procedure where multiple synthetic lashes are arranged to create a fan. The fan is then attached to one natural eyelash. Similar to the classic style, Russian extensions come in a variety of curls, lengths, and densities. This will give you voluminous and thicker lashes. 


2D to 6D lash extensions


These are essentially volume lashes. The D means dimension, and the number indicates how many lashes will be applied to one natural eyelash. The number of lash extensions will depend on the look that you want to achieve. 


You need to consult a lash expert to see which is the perfect lash extension style for you. For best results, we advise that you listen to your lash expert. You may have thin and weak lashes that cannot hold a 3D or a 6D lash extension, so it wouldn’t be ideal for you to get them all together. 

Do not wear mascara or any eye makeup when you make an appointment at the salon. Clean lashes will help technicians deliver quick and accurate results. 


Upon arrival, a skilled and trained lash technician will look at the condition of your lashes and recommend several styles that will suit you best. 


If your lashes are in good condition and you want length and fullness, you will most likely be recommended with 3D lashes. Once you and your lash technician have agreed on the style, it’s time to get started. 


The application of lashes usually starts with preparing the lashes by brushing them. Pads will be placed beneath your eyes so that the glue won’t stick at the bottom of your eyes. The pads will be damp and cold but are refreshing, too. 


Eyelash extensions preparation


  1. Lay down on a reclining chair and close your eyes. The lashes will be separated one by one to make it easy for the technician to apply for the extensions. 
  2. The application of extensions to one eyelash at a time is a tedious process. Make sure that you have 1 to 2 hours of free time so the technicians can perfect your eyelash extensions. 
  3. Your lash expert will occasionally brush the lashes. They come back to lashes that will need fixing. 

It is essential to go to a skilled lash expert if you want durable and long-lasting eyelash extensions. The process of applying them also contributes to the quality of the results. 


Eyelash extensions aftercare


  • It is essential not to get the eyelash extensions wet up to 24 hours after application. This is enough time for the glue to completely dry and set. 
  • Brush your lashes twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening. This is to avoid clumping and for your lashes to look fresh for a more extended period. 
  • Do not forget to wash the lashes at least once a week. Use milk or gentle lash cleanser and massage the lashes. 
  • If you wear makeup regularly, lash experts suggest the use of cleansers once or twice weekly. 


Bear in mind that your luscious lash extensions won’t last forever. Your extension's lifespan depends on your growth cycle. However, if you take good care of your extensions, you can return for a full eyelash application every six weeks


Eyelash extension refills


It will help if you have eyelash extension refills as maintenance for your extensions. Ideally, you should book refills every three weeks, depending on your growth cycle, or based on your lash expert’s recommendations. 

Extension refill is a touch-up procedure to keep your lashes looking great and natural even when some are shedding due to the natural growth cycle. 


During the refill procedure, your technician will cleanse your eyelash extensions and then reapply extensions to natural hairs where extensions have fallen out. In some cases, they may remove lashes that have clumped together, or if your natural lashes are growing in a different direction. 


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