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Here are 15 Simple Tips for your Manicure to Last Longer

Here are 15 Simple Tips for your Manicure to Last Longer article image by

When it comes to nail care, there is nothing more annoying than a chipped nail or a manicure gone wrong. The good news is that there are a few practical ways to keep your nails looking good longer. 


Here are nail polish secrets of making your manicure (and pedicure) last so much longer. 


Do not forget to moisturise those cuticles


Dry, peeling cuticles are not only unsightly but also painful, especially when they turn into hangnails. To avoid this problem, make sure to keep your cuticles moisturised, especially during dry, cold months using top-quality nail polish.


Try the California Mango Butter to keep your cuticles healthy with or without a manicure. 


Apply nail polish remover even when you don’t have polish on your nails


Excess oil on the surface of nails prevents nail polish from sticking, which can result in quick chipping of the polish. 


Make sure to use orange sticks to remove the polish on the sides of the nails. 


Keep your nails short and sweet


While long nails look sophisticated and lovely, they do not hold up as well as shorter nails. Short nails have fewer chances to break, chip, and peel easily, so we highly suggest opting for short nails the next time you get a manicure. 


Use the shortest nail as a guide to the ideal length. 

Pick a quality topcoat for your nails


The finish of your topcoat isn’t the only consideration. Go for topcoats that deliver extra benefits such as chip resistance, additional protection, and strengthening qualities. Some topcoats have a hydrating component, too!


Do not forget to prepare nails by filing


Once you’re done clipping your nails sort, you can then file them to your ideal shape. Ideally, nails should be filed into an oval shape to mimic the natural curve of your nail base. 


Seal in the edges


During topcoat application, pay attention to the tip of your nails. Make sure to seal the edges with the topcoat as this is the part of the nail where the majority of chipping begins. Extend the life of your manicure by applying an extra layer of topcoat  to the end of your nails. 


Manage smudges and nail stains accordingly


Did you smudge the polish while painting your nails? If so, you can dip your finger in nail polish remover and use it to smoothen out the surface. Proceed with repainting the topcoat for a clean finish. 


The tip to keep the nails from smudging is to allow some time for it to dry completely. Typically, the surface will feel dry after 10 minutes of dry time, but it takes about an hour for the polish to dry completely. 


If you suffer from nail stains from nicotine use, dark-coloured food items, or too dark nail polish, this can be remedied simply by using a whitening toothpaste. Brush the nails and surrounding skin with a soft-bristled toothbrush. 


Take care of nail chips immediately


There is nothing more annoying for women than a chipped nail. You need to attend to chipped nails right away to preserve your beautiful manicured nails. If you aren’t too quick to fix the problem, you may end up picking the nail polish, too. Clipping the chipped nails as soon as you see it will prevent it from getting worse. 


Topcoat reapplication every 2 to 3 days


To make your manicure last longer, it is required to reapply topcoat every few days. You can preserve the polish and keep it shiny with regular top coat maintenance. 


Use gloves when necessary


Use gloves when you are about to tackle household chores. If your job entails some heavy-duty work using your hands, make sure to use gloves to keep your manicure aesthetically pleasing for many days to come. Avoid damaging your nails by using top-quality rubber gloves when you engage in chores at home. 


Manage a broken or torn nail


When your nail breaks, the first and only thing that you need to do is to cut it off. But if you are reluctant to cut your nails, here is an easy and ingenious tip: Cut a tiny strip of gauze from a regular tea bag, apply it on the broken portion of your nail, and use a base coat over, and finally paint it with polish. 


Avoid using hand sanitisers if you can


Hand sanitisers and alcohols are imperative to use in this day and age wherein you can contract diseases easily through skin contact. However, if you are meticulous when it comes to your manicure, using hand sanitising agents can destroy the integrity of your nails manicure. 

Just like nail polish removers, alcohol-based cleaning agents can dry out the nail bed and the polish, which can result in easy chipping and cracking. Alcohol is known to dry the cuticles, too. 


Try not to use hot water when taking a bath


Taking a long bath may be relaxing but soaking in hot water for an extended period makes your nails susceptible to peeling and flaking. 


Although our nails are typically sturdy, it also features layers that quickly absorbs water. Submerging your hands in water for a long time can damage the integrity of your nail and manicure, too. Since the nails expand in water, the manicure will not look pretty once your nails dry and contract. Repeated expanding and contracting of nails can result in the chipping of your polish. 


Choose your nail polish colour wisely


While we all love colourful, deep, and dark hues for our nail polish, sadly, they are also the first ones to reveal nail growth, breakage, and chipping. To make your nail polish last longer, opt for more toned-down hues such as pastels, neutrals, or even French-tip manicures.


Be careful when applying skincare products to your nails


When applying skincare products, make sure that you don’t apply them directly on your nails. Some skincare solutions such as sunscreen can discolour the nails. Also, sunscreen lotion may contain ingredients that contribute to easily chipping of nails and breakdown of nail polish. 


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