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Is Lash Lifting Service Safe for Pregnant Women?

Is Lash Lifting Service Safe for Pregnant Women? article image by

Pregnancy is indeed an exciting time in a woman’s life. It is also a period wherein women encounter body image issues and an inherent wanting to be pampered more than usual. It also comes with a long list of NO-Nos, which can make an expecting mother limited. If you are pregnant, you may feel frustrated, especially if there are activities that you can no longer engage in. 


While most expecting mothers can give up certain routines during their pregnancy to ensure the health and wellness of their baby, you may find it challenging to forego everything.


In this post, we will provide you with some information about the safety of beauty regimens during pregnancy, which ones you can still receive, and rules of thumb so that you know which ones you need to avoid altogether. 


Here are the general rules of thumb when it comes to beauty routines during pregnancy:


  • You must avoid harsh chemicals to touch your skin. These chemicals are easily absorbed by the skin and penetrate the bloodstream, and ultimately reach the baby. Although grown-up women can tolerate the effects of some substances, chemicals are generally toxic to your unborn baby.
  • Do not engage in any beauty routine that may raise your core body temperature. Specific regimens are known to produce this effect and may be detrimental to your baby’s wellbeing.
  • If you are in a setting with potential exposure to chemicals- such as in a nail spa or hair salon, make sure that space is well ventilated. If you can smell the chemicals in the air, this means that your baby might be exposed to highly toxic fumes. 
  • Avoid any beauty procedure or regimen that involves injecting and ingestion of products to avoid toxicity to your baby. 
  • Skip procedures that are generally unsafe for pregnant women such as spray tanning and body sculpting, to name a few. 

It is also important to note that expecting women like yourself will have body image issues. The physical and hormonal changes during pregnancy can have an impact on your body image. Your hair, skin, and nails may seem different during the nine months that you are carrying your baby. These things will disappear once you have delivered, so make sure to condition yourself that these changes are normal and should not be cause for concern. 


Furthermore, some pregnant women may feel a sudden loss of self-identity when she feels all focus is directed to the baby and her pregnancy, and with little attention to the woman as an individual. Even those who never had issues with their body image and self-worth are more sensitive during their pregnancy. 


Bear in mind that these are all normal. You aren’t losing your mind. All these changes will not last for more than a year, so don’t be alarmed as everything will go back to normal a few months after you deliver your baby. 


Lash Lift Procedure


Simply put, a lash lift is a safe and non-invasive aesthetic procedure that uses cream products to lift the lashes permanently. This is usually coupled with a lash tint, a procedure that intensifies the tint of your eyelashes. A lash lift is a new lash perming procedure that uses cream-based solutions and silicone shields that curl natural eyelashes. This procedure eliminates the need for women to use curlers when grooming their lashes. 


Unlike traditional lash perming routines which utilise barrel rollers to deliver a tight and unnatural curl, lash lifts make use of silicone shields that naturally lift the lashes upwards. This action also provides additional height, length, and volume to lashes. 


As mentioned earlier, lash lifts are usually paired with lash tints, although they may be done as separate services, too. Lash tints naturally darken the natural lashes. The lash procedures eliminate the need to curl and add mascara to the lashes. 


The permanence of lash lifts


Lash lifts from reputable centres last between six to 8 weeks. During the procedure, the lashes are curled and lifted with a silicone shield and a cream-based lifting product. 

It is only a semi-permanent procedure since eyelashes shed every six to eight weeks to make way for new lashes growing out. Once you have enough new lashes, you can then book an appointment for yet another lash procedure. 


Safety of lash lifts


Lash lifts are proven to be 100% if implemented by train and skilled technicians. Make sure that the products used during a lash lift procedure are not only tried and tested safe but also safe, too. A reliable solution is one that won’t cause redness or inflammation if it runs into your eyes. 

A lash lift is an excellent beauty procedure that is effective at curling lashes. It requires minimum upkeep, so you don’t have to worry about going to a lash lift expert weekly, hence saving you time and money. You don’t even have to be extra cautious when handling them. You can rub your eyes and sleep in any position without worrying that your lash hairs may fall off. 


Lash lifts are also less expensive than eyelash extensions and will only take 45 minutes of your time from start to finish. 


The safety of lash lifts during pregnancy


As with any beauty and wellness service, pregnant women such as yourself should consult with your obstetrician before booking an appointment for a lash lift service. 


Lash lifting products do not come in contact with the skin; however, allergic reactions or sensitivity issues may occur during and after the procedure. If any of these side effects appear, pregnant women are advised not to drink antihistamines and other medications. 


Pregnant women may notice a slower growth rate of their lashes which may result in less life than usual  


Pregnancy is indeed a wonderful time in your life. During this period of many changes, it is only reasonable to feel wanted and to desire to look beautiful. Pregnancy should never stop you from growing into a beautiful woman. Just make sure that you do your research before engaging in any beauty procedure for your safety and the wellbeing of your newborn, too!

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