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The Best Ways of Tweezing Your Own Brows at Home

Discovering your perfect brow shape is definitely a game-changer that not only frames the face but also defines your eyes.  The mere activity of plucking to shape the eyebrows will transform your looks and even increase your self-esteem. But let’s admit it! Plucking eyebrows can be a bit challenging, too! The pain that comes with eyebrow plucking is more than enough to make you want to stop minutes into this activity. The good news is that there are tips, tricks, and techniques that will make eyebrow grooming and shaping a more pleasant experience, especially for first-timers. 


In this article, we will provide you with numerous expert tips on tweezing to get beautifully shaped and well-groomed eyes that you’ve always desired. While tweezing is a tedious means of eyebrow shaping than waxing or threading, this technique gives you more control over the quantity of hairs that you pluck out from the roots, resulting in a more accurate look. Plucking using tweezers is also a more cost-effective option which also delivers results that last for many weeks. 


Here are best practices of grooming and shaping eyebrows using tweezers:


  1. Cleanse your eyebrows


Begin with bare, natural brows to minimise the risk of plucking too much or tweezing eyebrows in the wrong spots. Starting with bare eyebrows also gives you a clear view of stray hairs that you can easily tweeze at the beginning of the procedure. 


According to experts, it is important to keep the brows clean and makeup free during hair removal. You may use a makeup remover to make sure all residual dirty and makeup are wiped off from the skin. You may also use a makeup wipe or simply wash your face for a clean canvas. 


Ideally, tweezing should be done after showering or taking a bath. Just as in the case of shaving, it is ideal to tweeze after the hair follicles are opened with the help of hot water. If you are in a rush, you can open up the hair follicles by holding a hot and wet washcloth on top of your eyebrows for 1 to 2 minutes. 


  1. Use quality tweezers


Using quality tweezers from a reputable maker promises consistent precision at all times. For plucking, it is recommended to use slant-tipped tweezers which will allow you to easily hold and pluck individual hairs. 


Do not use a tweezer that slides off and breaks the hair. Using a tweezer with poor design and made from poor quality materials contribute to longer plucking time and leads to less precise outcomes. 


Dispose of old and dull tweezers that are hard to squeeze and showing signs of rust. Using old tweezers not only results in unpleasant results but can result in injuries, too. 

  1. Draw an outline of your ideal brow shape before tweezing


Never start plucking without outlining the brows with a pencil. To make sure that your brows look uniform, you must first pluck the hairs that are outside the outline. Drawing an outline will also minimise the chance of over-plucking hairs. 


According to experts, it is best if you follow your eyebrow’s natural shape. If the main objective is to clean up your brows and remove stray hairs, use a white pencil to outline your brow’s natural shape Using white pencil will give you a clear picture of how your eyebrows will naturally grow over time. Also, it helps you focus on the stray hairs that need to be removed. 


One big mistake that many people make is eyeballing the shape of their brows. When you skip drawing an outline before tweezing, you will quickly lose control and end up with brows that don’t look similar to each other. 

  1. Find the perfect place for tweezing


You need to find the perfect space and location in your home or tweezing the eyebrows. Make sure to perform the tweezing inside a room or space with dull lighting. Do not use magnifying mirrors as increases the tendency for over plucking. Pluck in a well-lit spot indoors and with a mirror in front or on hand for convenient tweezing. 


  1. Always follow the two-hair rule


When tweezing, do not forget the two-hair rule which means you may only pluck two hairs at a time. You need to evaluate your work after plucking two hairs before resuming tweezing to ensure that you don’t over pluck. 


Effective tweezing involves slowly isolating the hair by lifting it up from the skin and then gently pulling it in the direction of hair growth. Make sure to avoid breaking the hair in half for best results. 


  1. Trim if necessary


It is also important to brush the eyebrows straight up before tweezing. Trim hairs that are longer and coming out of the top end of the outline. Use small scissors to trim what is outside your intended shape. 


  1. Take it slow and easy


Never rush when tweezing brows. Plucking brows was not intended to be a 10-minute procedure. Take it slow and make time for it to achieve best results. You need to have a lot of time to end up with perfectly-shaped brows. 


  1. Do not tweeze too often, too much


If you’re wondering how often should you be tweezing your brows, the answer is, “less is certainly the best.” Tweeze every two weeks to allow natural hair growth. Excessive tweezing can result in rough hairs which can lead to more painful plucking in the future. 


  1. Alternately tweeze between brows


The best way to tweeze eyebrows is to pluck a few hairs on one brow and then pluck a few ones on the other side. Continue alternate tweezing and then step back to see if the brows are shaped evenly. The main objective of tweezing brows is to come up with even-looking brows, not identical brows. 


  1. Apply soothing cream or gel after tweezing

If your brow region feels irritated or you feel pain, apply a soothing cream or aloe vera gel to soothe the skin. Aloe vera gel and soothing creams with natural ingredients are proven to cool down inflamed and irritated skin after a stressful procedure such as tweezing.