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Here are Five Ways to Successfully Sell Retail Products in a Tanning Salon

You didn’t become a tanning professional to concern yourself with retail sales, but it is undeniable that it is one of your responsibilities at work. Selling retail tanning products can be a daunting task, especially among those with no background in retail selling. But the more skilled you are at selling retail products, the more money you can take home. 


Being a skilled seller also guarantees excellent client retention and shows your manager and owner your dedication to work, thus opening bigger and better career opportunities for you in the future. 


Selling retail products that are being promoted and sold at your salon carries a higher profit margin than service sales. Your contribution to retail selling products also helps in growing the salon further. Simply put, being a skilled retail seller on the job offers your job security, too.  


Now is the perfect time for you to improve your sale skills. Here are tried-and-tested tips on how to increase retail sales at a tanning salon. 

The Truth About Selling Retail Products at Salons

Beginner tanning experts are reluctant to sell products for a number of reasons. First off, you may not want to appear pushy to your client. There are also instances when you are simply clueless about the best tanning products to upsell to your clients, so you decide to stay quiet and suggest nothing at all. 

But here is yet another truth about tanning salon clients: your clients actually value your recommendations. This is the main reason why they come to your salon in the first place. At the least, your client will listen to your suggestions as they rely on your abilities for the perfect tan. Your clients will consider your retail product suggestions if there are any. As a tanning expert, it is your duty to inform and explain to clients the products, tools, and equipment that you use during the procedure. 

If you fail to give them an explanation about the procedure they are about to undergo, you are not doing your job correctly. Learn about the tips on how to successfully sell products to your clientele and make more money in the long run. 

  • Optimise Retail Display and Up your Visual Merchandising Game

Appearances are everything when it comes to retail selling. One of the main goals of a tanning salon is to sell all the products on its shelves fast. Your clients are attracted with aesthetics; how your tanning salon looks; its cleanliness, neatness, and organisation. 

Make your display as organised as possible. When the tanning products that you sell are beautifully displayed with a memorable signage, tag line, or product description, you can sell them easily during their consultation or post-procedure talk. 

  • Dress Like a Pro

The next things that clients notice upon entering your tanning salon are the appearance and demeanour of employees. Make sure to dress like a professional. Think about clothing pieces and accessories that add credibility to your overall look. Your choice of clothing, hair, and makeup are being scrutinised by your clients each time they visit. Make sure to check yourself and be neat, tidy, and professional looking when dealing with clients at work. 

  • Establish a Thorough and Comprehensive Consultation with Clients

The consultation process is an integral step to successfully rendering a satisfying service to clients. It is also during this portion of their visit that you learn more about your clients; their lifestyle, common skin issues, needs, and desires. 

It is important that you listen to everything that they tell you; from concerns to questions that they may have about the tanning procedure. Discovering their existing aftercare tanning issues, needs, and wants will help formulate product recommendations so you can successfully sell retail products before they leave the salon. 

  • Product Education and Mastery

Educate yourself well about the tanning products that you sell to your clients. The tanning product line and tools that you are selling may be aesthetically pleasing, but the major selling point of these products is their ability in meeting and exceeding the needs of your clients. 

If you read about the tanning products or if you gain complete mastery about your product line, it becomes easy to sell them to your clients. You will find it easy to list down the valuable features of your recommendations if you have full understanding of your salon’s tanning selections. 

Recommendations based on your mastery of tanning products are highly valued by clients and will even make them more excited to use them at home. It is by educating and providing accurate information about products that you can increase the sales of retail tanning goods at the salon. 

  • Build a Trusting Relationship with your Client

Establish a warm and trusting connection with first-time clients and regular customers alike. Do not expect to earn your client’s trust after his or her first tanning procedure with you. Trusting relationships are built over time. You need to focus your efforts in providing consistently excellent service each time they visit and soon enough, they will trust you even more. 

Instead of shoving products to a new client, you must test the waters by recommending basic tanning products that they will need for after care.  If your clients display uncertainly, you can go ahead and offer a special discount for their next tanning appointment. 

You can maintain and further grow the trust of your clients by solving the common problems they encounter after a tanning procedure. If you successfully solve an issue for them, it then opens other doors for you to solve their other problems. Selling products to people who trust you or considers you a reliable friend becomes fast and easy, too. 

If you are a tanning professional, or are just starting out in the business, you can view our extensive range of essentials that we offer here at the Beauty Warehouse.