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CND Celebrates Four Decades of Nail Art, Healthy, and Beauty

Professional nail artistry is the art of decorating and embellishing nails with creative designs, materials, and gems to spruce up a traditional manicure. In recent years, creative nail artistry has bloomed to its full potential. Nail art is now considered trendy and high fashion. The modern woman considers nail art as a prime asset and an excellent means of expressing their individuality, personality, and sense of fashion. 

Gone are the days of using solid colours for manicured nails. The beauty scene is now dominated by the nail art market as it is now a tool used by women to exude their femininity, maturity, and personality. The nails are now being used as primed canvas to express individual creativity and to showcase elegant beauty through nails. 

At present, there is a wide assortment of captivating nail polish colours, stickers, 3D designs, stickers and gemstones at beauty shops nationwide. There are also establishments that offer nail painting services with specialisation in creative nail design. 

This article will reminisce the beginnings of creative nail design and list recent innovations that promises a bright future for the industry. 

A Brief History of Nail Artistry

Nail art has been around since ancient Egypt between 5000 and 3000 B.C. During the ancient times, Egyptian women dyed their nails using henna while noblemen used black colour for their nails. Nail art during this time period catered to both men and women, but they were used for different purposes. Men used henna to showcase their social status, whilst women used nail art with henna to exude their seductive beauty. 

Modern Nail Art History

In the earliest centuries of nail art, people used various ingredients to apply colour to the nails. It was in the 20th century that nail art became popular as technological innovations during that era paved the way to nailcare products and techniques that revolutionised the beauty industry. 

The Industrial Revolution saw the introduction of nail polish into the beauty market. The use of nail polish for manicures soon took off as women were fast becoming abreast with trendy fashion in the early 20th century. 

It was French makeup artist, Michelle Menard who came up with a revolutionary idea of formulating nail colour paints that were inspired by the high-gloss paints used in automobiles. The nail lacquer formula was glossy and had excellent staying power. When the US successfully obtained the nitrocellulose chemical from Germany, beauty companies then started to produce nail lacquer paints in various shades like Kissing Pink and Fatal Red. 


The original idea of Menard was then utilised by two businessmen, Joseph Revson and Charles Lachman in the creation of a non-streaking, opaque nail polish. In 1932, the savvy businessmen launched their nail polish offering through their company, Revlon. Revlon, the giant beauty brand that is today, was the first company that sold modern nail polish. 

Throughout the 20th century, nail artistry continued to grow. As services in manicure and pedicure establishments became more affordable, more women were attracted to obtaining services, purchasing nail lacquer paints, and finding ways on how they can improve the look of their nails through creative nail design. 

There were nail art fashion trends for every decade. In the 1930s, moon manicures and smoky, dark shades were the hottest nail trends. 

The 1950s saw the rise of bright red nails and since then became a staple colour preference to exude elegance and seductiveness. The prevailing nail colour trend in the 1960s were more neutral. It was in the 1980s, the bright shades such as fuschias, neons, and bright red were seen worn by celebrities as well as the average women. During the decade of Vogue, the 1990s, women started to paint their nails darker and more according to their moods. Chanel’s Rouge Noir or the Vamp shade was definitely the hottest shade of the 90s.  

The Origin of Modern Professional Nair Care and Artistry

It was in the late 1970s that nail enhancements were invented by practicing dentist and chemist, Stuart Nordstrom. The product was named SolarNail. It was the first ever nail enhancement that was formulated for light, thin and non-yellowing sculpted nail enhancements. 

Shortly after the invention of SolarNail, the Nordstrom family established CND in 1979. Since its inception, CND has shaped the future of the nail beauty industry. At present, CND is the go-to brand when it comes to educational resources and advanced technology and equipment for nail care and creative nail design. 

CND invested time, effort, and financial resources in the discovery of ground-breaking science and technology for the nail industry. They have successfully delivered big brands like Liquid and Powder BRISA, RETENTION+, SPAMANICURE and SPAPEDICURE to name a few. 

It was in 2010 that CND introduced the innovative brand, SHELLAC 14+ Day Nail Colour that promises durable and long-lasting nail paint that can last for two week or even longer.  Other awe-inspiring innovations that were fruits of labour from CND are VINYLUX, RESCUERXX Daily Keratin Treatment, XPRESS5, and the CND LED lamp that is primarily used to cure nails fast resulting in high-performance and long-lasting wear.

CND is Paving the Road Towards a Bright Future in the Field of Nail Artistry

CND is not only popular for its extensive involvement in creating unique nail care brands and technologies in the market, it also continuously sets the standards in the realm of nail artistry. It has helped shaped nail artistry as a high-fashion accessory and an elegant statement of one’s feelings and sense of style. 

The latest nail art trends and nail art techniques come from nail professionals that work for and alongside CND throughout its four decades of operation. CND as one of the most reputable companies in the nail art landscape, still upholds its promise of delivering innovative products, tools and resources to its target audience. They are geared towards providing better opportunities for nail professionals as well as exceeding the experience of men and women how utilises nail art as their means of self-expression. Suffice to say, there will be more things to come in the nail art industry as CND have always strived for nail care excellence and will always work their best to be the foremost authority in nail health and beauty! 

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