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Here are 4 Ways on How to Achieve a Great Tan All Year Round

A beautiful sunless tan is one fashion statement that will never go out of trend. A gorgeously bronzed and sun kissed glow suits absolutely everyone and is super easy to achieve, with or without sunbathing. From celebrities to the every-day woman, a golden tan is now the standard of beauty all around the world. So how do you achieve and maintain a perfect tan? This article will serve as a guide on how you can be a bronze beauty in safe, affordable, and effective ways. These tanning techniques will give you a bronze goddess glow not only during the summer months, but all-year round, too!


Achieve Golden Bronze Beauty at the Comforts of your Home


That glowing tan you get from soaking under the sun need not be confined during summertime. You can achieve a flawless tan all year round without investing too much money on tanning salon visits and expensive products that simply don’t work. 


With recent technological innovations combined with high demand for sunless tanning, experts have come up with self-tanning techniques that deliver a subtle glow which perfectly matches your natural skin tones. And with these techniques, readers like you do not have to worry about an orange, uneven or patchy tan ever again. 


Here are quick and affordable steps that you can follow to achieve flawlessly golden skin that looks like a proper summer tan. 


  • Exfoliation is an important part of self-tanning


Exfoliation is actually the most important part of self-tanning. Imagine your skin as a canvas. In order to create a beautiful tan, you must prime the skin through exfoliation. Use a body scrub that can effectively remove dead skin cells resulting in a smooth primed skin. To assist in exfoliation, use a body mitt and gently rub the exfoliating scrub or solution in circles over the upper and lower extremities. 


Pay close attention when exfoliating rough areas of the skin such as the elbows, knees, and ankles. To achieve an even tan, it is of utmost importance to exfoliate the entire body. Skin experts recommend exfoliating once weekly to get rid of dead skin layers, so you are left with soft and supple skin. At the end of your exfoliation session at home, apply a thin layer of coconut oil with a body mitt and then pat yourself dry for best results. The coconut oil applies much-needed hydration so your skin does not dry out or flake especially during the cold, winter months. 


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  • Keep your skin hydrated at all times


Well-hydrated skin exudes a healthy glow. Drinking water up to 3 litres a day ensures that your skin is nourished inside and out. It is also recommended to wash your face with lukewarm water in the morning to soften skin and prepare it for an entire day outdoors. 


To maintain the perfect tan that can last a very long time, it is crucial that your skin is well-moisturised, especially during summer months when the skin suffers from excessive heat and humidity. What you want to showcase is plump, sun-kissed skin that lasts an entire year and not just during summer. 


To maintain a healthy glow, try not to use hot water for too long. Instead, keep your showers lukewarm and short to ensure you enjoy your tan longer. Apply rich moisturising creams and body oils to supply the skin the moisture it needs and to replenish the moisture loss from exposure to sunlight and other external stressors. Do not forget to apply extra hydrating creams and oils into creases such as the knees, toes, heels, armpits, and elbows. Moisturising the skin will even out imperfections so your tan appears flawless on your skin. 


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  • Do not get tired of blending


During the application of self-tanning lotion, one important guideline that you need to follow is to ensure that it looks as real as possible. The secret to creating the perfect fake tan is by blending. 


Pay attention into blending to achieve the perfect tan. Start applying the self-tanning product on your face, blend down the neck, and the rest of your body. Use the product sparingly so as not to over tan some areas. You can always layer the self-tanning lotion if needed. Beauty experts assert that less is more especially when you are self-tanning. Work your way down the trunk, and then the upper and lower extremities. The last parts of the body to apply self-tanning product is the hands and feet for best results. 


When self-tanning, we highly recommend that you do this in an enclosed space such as the shower to avoid staining fabrics, upholstery, and furniture. 


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  • Love your skin


Remember to always be kind to your skin. Avoid using self-tanning solutions that contain harsh ingredients that may cause serious damage, irritation, or may produce cuts or rashes on your skin. It is recommended to add an extra layer of moisture on the skin after tanning for a glowing finish. Adding moisturiser over a tan will also make blending easier and more efficient as the skin is kept hydrated. 


The regular application of hydrating creams and moisturising lotions helps in prolonging the lifespan of your tan so you don’t have to self-tan after a couple of weeks. A well-hydrated skin can maintain a tan for a few months. You may use natural oils such as coconut and olive oil to achieve a glowing complexion that makes your skin look fresh and healthy all year round. 


Make sure to use a self-tanning product that is specially formulated for the delicate skin of your face. Tanners for the face needs to be gentle so as not to create or accumulate in and around the fine lines or wrinkles that you may have. You should choose a face tanner with SPF so as to protect the skin from UV rays. Blend the self-tanning solution immediately to get an even look. 


When choosing self-tanning products, we recommend using natural or organic self-tanning solutions that do not contain harsh chemicals such as parabens that might cause irritation on the skin.


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