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Basic Hairstyling Tools Checklist

Starting up a hair salon business means you need to learn about and acquire basic tools of the trade that will see you succeed and build a successful client base. Hairstyling tools are important as they enable stylists to execute the services efficiently for clients. 


Buying the best salon hair styling tools is an investment for any professional stylist. Thorough research is important when you are building up your hair tool arsenal, as it will determine your customer satisfaction and business success in the long haul.


Thankfully, we have done some of the hard work for you and devised an in-depth list of hairstyling tools essential for the perfect hairdressers kit.


Brushes and Combs

A hairdresser's main concern is hair! And you will most likely deal with different types of hair everyday (curly, coily, frizzy, thinning, thick, course, etc). It is imperative that you purchase different types of combs and hairbrushes to suit a variety of clients needs. 


Having a wide array of combs and brushes on hand will make it easier for hairdressers to cut, style, and colour all hair types. Combs and brushes are also used to separate, straighten, and curl hair during specialty treatments.


A professional hair salon consists of the following types of combs:


-    Tail Comb

-    Short-cutting comb

-    Long-cutting comb

-    Wide-cutting comb


The material of the comb is important to ensure easy and effortless handling during styling. You may choose from combs made with silicone, graphite resins, and carbon fibres as they guarantee the smoothest glide and can withstand heat up to 450C. 


Besides combs, you will also need a variety of brush types. The following are essential brush types for any salon. 


  •   Paddle Brush

The paddle brush is used to smooth and de-tangle straight hair. Buy paddle brushes outfitted with wooden handle and boar bristles. Boar bristles aid in brushing the oils to the ends of hair strands.


  •   Round Barrel Brush


Round barrel brushes are most commonly made from metal as they are used in combination with a blow dryer. The metal portion heats up to deliver a curling effect to the hair. 


Round barrel brushes are also used to tame frizzy hair and to make the hair more bouncy during styling.


  •   Vented Brush


Vented brushes feature spaces in between the bristles to facilitate airflow during blow-drying. It was specially designed so stylists can blow dry hair at a quicker rate. Invest in vented brushes that are simple to use and are easy to clean too!


  •   Cushioned Brush


As the name implies, a cushioned brush features a cushion base made from rubber. The bristles are either made from nylon or boar. This type of brush is primarily used to smoothen dry and unmanageable hair. 


  •   Rattail Comb


The rattail comb is a dual function with the bristles used to style the hair and the tail end to separate and section hair during cutting or styling. Purchase heat-resistant rattail combs especially if you are using them together with styling tools that generate heat such as blow dryers and hair straighteners. 


  •   Wide Toothed Comb


A wide-tooth comb separates the hair into sections without placing too much friction on the strands. It is a helpful tool that de-tangles hair effectively with minimal incidence of hair fall out. 


Professional Cutting Shears and Scissors

The scissors are undeniably the most important tool in a hairdresser’s arsenal. It is a core item in any hair salon, hence investing in high-quality scissors from reputable brands is a must. 


If this is your first time to buy shears and scissors, here is a quick shopping guide that you need to remember:


  •   Straight Shear


A straight shear is what a stylist commonly uses to cut hair. It is recommended that you have shears in two sizes. 


A longer shear - which is above 6 inches - is ideal when performing basic trims and for making clean cuts. For a bob, you will need longer scissors to achieve this style. A long scissor should be the same length as your hand for easy handling. 


A shorter scissor at 4.5 to 5.5 inches in length is used to achieve more detailed and accurate cuts. Shorter scissors are used when cutting around the back of the neck and around the ears. 


  •   Blending Shear


A blending or thinning shear features a straight blade on one panel and an evenly spaced teeth on the other side. It is the scissor primarily used by hairdressers to reduce weight from the hair in the fastest way possible. It is also used to add texture to the hair and to reduce volume if needed. 


Blending shears comes in two varieties:


A 40 to 44 tooth blending shear that is for styling activities such as texturizing, blending, and tapering/cutting techniques that are used when achieving a men’s haircut. 


A Wide-tooth lending shear with 28 teeth that is commonly used to thin out and texturize thick and coarse hair. 


Electronic Hair Styling Equipment

Salon business owners need to invest in equipment and handheld tools that are used to style and groom a clients hair. When shopping for electronic styling and grooming tools, make sure to purchase from reputable brands. Popular electronic hairstyling brands usually offer product and service warranty to customers. It is not uncommon for even the best hair styling products to encounter damage, hence checking for the presence of a warranty offer is a must. 


  •   Blow Dryer and Diffuser


A blow dryer is undoubtedly the most commonly used electronic styling tool at salons. With this in mind, it is then imperative to buy blow dryers from well-known brands. It is important to consider the temperature and control features when buying blow dryers. Also, the weight of a it should be taken into consideration to ensure easy handling. Lastly, purchase a blow dryer that does not produce too much noise during operation. 


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  •   Hair Straightener and Hair Curlers


You should opt for professional hair straightening tools to guarantee fast and effective straightening results. A hair straightener is the second most used electronic styling tool used at salons. With the right products and accessories, a hair straightener may also be used to create other styles, including luscious curls. 


The perfect hair straightener for salon use should reach a temperature of up to 185C for fast and efficient styling, and to ensure that your hair is protected from heat damage. 


The same shopping principles should be applied when purchasing professional-grade curlers. 


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  •   Hair Clipper


A hair clipper is an excellent hairdresser’s tool as it is used to design, shape, and cut the hair. When shopping for a hair clipper, choose a model that features a powerful motor and is equipped with self-sharpening stainless-steel blades. 


It’s best to invest in a traditional hair clipper that is attached to a cord as it is deemed more powerful and longer-lasting than their cordless counterparts.


Reputable Hair Styling Brands


Both Parlux and Silver Bullet are reputable brands that are stocked in many professional hair salons. 


If you are looking for a hairdryer, straightener, or curling iron, you can check out some of their top products here!