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The Top 5 Pointers Lash Stylists Need to Remember When Applying Extensions

Eyelash extensions are becoming increasingly popular among Australians young and old alike. Beautiful long and fluttery lashes are an absolute hot trend, and extensions give your lashes a desired dramatic effect that open your eyes and enhances one’s look with or without makeup. 


In essence, eyelash extensions are a more permanent upgrade from disposable false eyelash strips. They provide semi-permanent length and volume, making mascara application obsolete and saving you both time and money!


The process of eyelash extension application is sophisticated and requires the expertise and skilled hands of an eyelash extension stylist. If not done correctly by a trained lash technician, there can be serious risks and problems posed to your natural lashes and eye health. Potential clients will most likely be doing their own research online about the correct techniques, the safest procedures, and where to get them done. 


Being a beginner eyelash extension stylist, It is imperative that you know these tips and tricks to ensure your client gets the best result and the safest procedure possible. If you need to brush up on the knowledge and skills you have acquired during training, here are some things that you need to know by heart to deliver the best results to your clients as well as ensure the profitability of your craft on the long haul. 


The Right Isolation Technique

The process of applying lash extensions is an art that requires the right lash and brow supplies, care, and accuracy. The smallest error can result in serious problems, so performing the job with precision and attention to detail is important.


One crucial process that every lash stylist should perfect is isolation. Proper and thorough isolation will ensure lashes look as natural as possible and will not cause any discomfort or irritation to the client. When lash extensions are not isolated individually, the lashes will stick together and clump, leading to problems that will be harder to repair in the long term. 


Since each individual lash has their own growth cycle, a lash stuck to its neighbour can lead to irregular, stunted growth and premature falling. This leads to severe strain, follicle damage, lash loss and new lashes growing in crooked. The result is pain, discomfort, and permanent damage to your natural lashes. 


Taking a long time to isolate the perfect lash is yet another mistake that new lash technicians do when applying extensions. It is best to keep in mind that every extension is applied to one lash only. It doesn’t matter which lash you choose for every extension. The important thing is that you spend just the right amount of time applying one extension to one natural lash.


Application of Extensions to the Skin


Newbies tend to glue the eyelash extension directly to the skin instead of applying it on top of the natural lash. This application technique can pose a serious risk to clients as allergic reactions can occur. Itching, puffiness on the upper eyelid, redness, and blurred vision are unwanted signs of an allergic reaction caused by attaching the extension to the skin. 


Using Too Much Adhesive

Excessive glue application is a major mistake for several reasons. For one, too much adhesive application will look unsightly once the work is done, and your client won’t be too happy with the results. Further, excessive use of glue can lead to long term damage of the natural lashes. Glue will weigh down the lashes, making them feel heavy and uncomfortable, and this unnecessary strain can lead to lash loss.


Prolonged drying time is another consequence of too much glue. This can lead to lash clumping, which as we know has severe effects on the overall health of your natural lashes, such as lash loss and lash damage. 


Lastly, excessive glue can mean exposure to fumes from the adhesives, which can sting and irritate your clients eyes. A professional lash extension process should never cause any discomfort whatsoever to the client at all - that's why they chose you in the first place!


Always use the smallest amount of eyelash adhesive possible to effectively bond the extension to your client’s natural eyelash. Overusing adhesives during bonding will result in obvious clumps that will leave your client unsatisfied. 

Choosing the Wrong Eyelash Extension Weight and Thickness 

Styling is an integral part of eyelash extension. Although your client may wish to have opulently thick and long lashes, it’s best to explain the importance of finding the right length and volume for lash extensions so your client can get the best results!


Lash extensions come in a wide array of lengths, curls, and thicknesses. Greater length and thickness means greater weight, and a thick set of lash extensions can weigh down on natural lashes that are fine or thin. These extensions will not keep their hold, and can cause serious discomfort to the client, both short term and long term. 


It is ideal to assess a client’s natural eyelashes; the length, thickness and overall condition to recommend eyelash extensions that will add volume and length without causing any problems to natural lashes. By rule, a natural lash should have the ability to hold up to 75% of the entire length of an extension. For instance, if a client’s natural eyelash is 8mm in length, a stylist should only add up a 3mm extension. Applying eyelash extensions that are too long can lead to twisting of extensions, dropping, and issues with natural eyelash growth. 


Incorrect Placement of Eyepatches

Correct placement of eyepatches is a critical element in achieving a good set of extension lashes. Placing the eyepatches incorrectly can cause discomfort for your client. Also, the wrong placement of patches can lift the inner corner lashes leading to incorrect distance and an overall messy extension application. As a general rule, the eyepatches should never touch the waterline as this can bring discomfort, chemical burns, and eye bruising to your client. 


Choose extra sensitive patches that are flexible and comfortable for your client to wear throughout the entire application process. 


The Correct Eyelash Supplies

Eyelash extensions are a delicate and precise procedure that definitely needs to be done by a professional (you)! There are many potential health risks to clients when doing a lash extension, so knowing your techniques is imperative both to your salons success and reputation, and to your clients health and wellbeing. 


Remember,  your clients put a lot of trust in your professional training, so it’s important that they feel safe and satisfied with any treatment!


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