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Essential Equipment You Need to Start a Salon

There will always be a constant demand for beauty services due to our constant desire to look and feel our best! Opening a salon to provide hair, nail, and other beauty-related services are one way to address the demand while simultaneously allowing budding entrepreneurs to profit and pursue their passion for beauty. 


Starting a salon business from the ground up requires investing a significant amount of time, financial resources, and effort to achieve success in the future. Of course, before you can open a salon, it is imperative to formulate a feasible business plan, calculate expenses and possible profits, and secure permits and licenses to make your dream salon a reality. Once all the technicalities of opening up a salon are ticked off of your checklist, the next step is to obtain the essential equipment for your salon. 


It is during the stage of purchasing equipment and tools of the trade that salon owners encounter issues as most find it difficult to differentiate between essential and non-essential pieces. 


In this article, we will list the fundamental pieces of tools, equipment, furniture, and supplies that you need to equip your salon for it to fulfill a wide array of beauty services. You may need to do more thorough research if your salon is offering a more comprehensive list of services to its clientele. 


So, How do you Successfully Purchase Salon Equipment?


Purchasing equipment for your salon is the stage where you turn your dreams into reality. To successfully go through this stage, it is always good to follow your plan. Create a checklist of essentials, accessories, equipment and salon supplies. List them down based on their functions and importance in the day-to-day running of the salon.


Give yourself 8 to 12 weeks before your planned grand opening to purchase everything that you need. This will give you enough time to ensure that all items are purchased and to remedy any delays or problems that you may have along the way. You will soon find out that some items on your checklist will be delivered promptly and there will also be equipment that will take some time to arrive at the salon. 


Here is a list of essential equipment that you need for your salon to be fully operational at your grand opening day!


Hairstyling Chairs and Beauty Beds

Hairstyling chairs are the most basic and most important piece of equipment that your hair salon should have from the first day of operations. Decide on the colour and style of chairs that you will install at the salon. Ideally, all hair styling chairs should be identical as well as match the interior design of your salon. 


Hairstyling chairs come in a variety of models. When purchasing chairs, make sure that your chosen model features an adjustable mechanism that will allow users to control the height of the chair. A flexible back is also a great feature, as this facilitates the comfort of the clients during their appointment at your salon. 


When selecting from a wide array of hair styling chair or beauty bed models, always prioritise functionality over aesthetics. 


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Hair Processors and Hair Steamers

Hair processors and hair steamers are used in various services offered in salons such as deep conditioning, colour, and texturizing treatments. Head steamers and processors deliver additional moisture to hair strands, hence making them healthier. 


When shopping for hair steamers and processors, choose models that are equipped with multiple temperature settings and timer for convenience. 


Shampoo bowls

A shampoo bowl is a specialty product that is designed for cleansing and conditioning hair at the salon. The number of shampoo bowls in your salon should be based on the number of styling chairs you have at your salon. Ideally, there should be at least one shampoo bowl per 3 styling chairs to accommodate all customers and to avoid delays. 


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Trolleys and carts


Carts and trolleys are non-essential equipment for stylists but are integral fixtures in a salon. They function as containers or compartments for supplies and tools that stylists need to perform their job efficiently in their work stations. 


As hairstylists constantly move around clients when performing treatments, their tools of the trade should be on hand at all times. Carts and trolleys hold all their tools and supplies to make various processes simpler and faster. 


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Hairstyling station

Hairstyling stations are important pieces of equipment at salons as they function as main work stations where stylists render services to clients. A traditional hairstyling station features a mirror with lights, an electrical outlet, a table, and compartments where stylists place their tools and instruments. 


When it comes to hair styling stations, a salon owner may opt to purchase ready-made stations or order customised hairstyling stations that match the interior design and style of the salon. 


Reception desk and waiting area

A proper salon should have its reception desk for its employee and waiting area for customers. A reception desk is considered a piece of non-essential salon equipment but is integral nonetheless as it is the area where all transactions and administrative work take place. 


The waiting area or lounge is a must-have in every salon. It is a space inside the salon where clients can be seated comfortably while waiting for their turn to be serviced by salon staff. The furniture should be cozy so clients can wait comfortably in the meantime.

Hood dryers 

A dome-shaped dryer is valuable salon equipment. Its main function is to set and dry the hair during treatments. At the beginning of your business, it is ideal to invest in one hood dryer. You can increase the number of hood dryers as your client base grows over time. 


Other hair salon equipment that you need to invest on is the following:


-    Different types of hairbrushes and combs

-    Multiple sets of hair scissors and haircutting implements such as razors and blades

-    Handheld hair blowers

-    Dye bowls

-    Towels

-    Collars and drapes

-    Clips

-    Dyes and other colouring agents

-    Hair styling tools such as straighteners, clippers, and curling iron

-    Aprons, brushes, water bottle sprays, and gloves

-    Salon cleaning and hygiene products

-    Haircare supplies such as shampoo, conditioner, gel, mousse, and hair spray

You can source all these beauty salon equipment and beauty salons from reputable salon suppliers. Do not forget to perform comparison shopping before finalizing your order. Read reviews and feedback from fellow salon owners to ensure that you are getting the most band for your buck and that you are receiving quality equipment that you and your staff can use for many years to come.


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