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Salon of the Month - Blush Boutique

The continued importance of beauty and personal care among Australians further expanded the country’s beauty services industry. The growing demand for superior-quality beauty treatments is due to a growing population of men and women who desire a higher sense of wellness through the products and services they use. 


Blush Boutique provides hair care, skincare, and beauty treatments that nourish and empower its clientele from within.  As Canberra’s leading boutique salon, Blush Boutique salon caters to the sophisticated needs of its clients. It offers traditional salon services in an exclusive environment to offer a luxuriously satisfying experience to patrons and new customers alike. 


If you want to get a full-beauty makeover, Blush Boutique in Canberra is exactly where you go! As one of the top hair and beauty salons in Canberra, Blush Boutique is dedicated to delivering a pleasurable experience to every one of its customers. They offer a full range of beauty services at affordable price ranges. Its primary mission is to provide world-class customer service to all clients which in turn enables them to establish long-lasting, trusting relationships. This is the secret to the success of Blush Boutique- to provide excellent products and services to all those who enter their doorstep. 


What makes Blush Boutique Unique?


Blush Boutique is an exceptional salon in many ways. Whether you are looking to change our hair colour, a quick nail polish change, or a full-on beauty experience, Blush Boutique has everything that you need to feel like a winner. It is a one-stop beauty shop that covers your needs from head to toe. 


Blush Boutique owner Sammie Barton realized the struggles of keeping up with a busy lifestyle. In this day and age, a woman needs some pampering so she can look and feel at her best. Sammie and her passion for excellence inspired her to create an environment that inspires beauty and empowerment. To ensure the satisfaction of her customers, Sammie and her team of beauty experts have undergone training from the best companies in Australia’s beauty services industry. 


Brands such as Youngblood Cosmetics, Dermalux LED Phototherapy, Sunescape, and Body Sugaring Australia are just some of the names that can be seen inside Blush Boutique. These innovative equipment and products are the leading names in Australia’s beauty scape and have always provided nothing but superior results not only to clients but to salons that use them as part of their services. They work closely with their partners to create a strong client base that values quality to achieve higher standards of beauty and wellness in Australia and beyond. 


The Blush Boutique Products and Services


  •   Hair Services


If you’re looking for wearable but cutting-edge hairstyles, look no further! Blush Boutique’s core team of renowned artisans understands the needs of its customers. The effortless luxurious cuts are provided by stylists with years of experience in cutting, styling, and colouring hair from the best training grounds in the country. 


  •   Beauty


Blush Boutique’s list of beauty services ranges from relaxing massage therapies, spray tanning, and nail care. The salon’s beauty team delivers world-class services using the newest tools and products on the market. You can choose from getting a quick and relaxing 30-minute massage which can then be followed by a mani-pedi package using the best nail care brands for your tips and toes. 


There is nothing more glamorous and eye-catching than a person’s soul. Blush Boutique aims to help its customers find their inner glow through its wide array of waxing and tanning solutions that perfectly match different individual requirements. 


  •   Makeup Services


Blush Boutique offers a unique makeup service to its clientele by using Youngblood Cosmetics products. Youngblood is a US-based cosmetics brand that produces luxurious makeup formulations that create elegantly natural looks. Youngblood only makes use of active botanical ingredients in their formulations so you can confidently look at your best whatever the occasion may be. The mission of Youngblood Cosmetics perfectly aligns with that of Blush Boutique- utilise eco-friendly and sustainable products to create natural and ageless beauty. 


  •   Skincare


Blush Boutique is a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If your skin feels dull and lifeless, treating yourself to skincare services of the salon will reinvigorate your skin and boost your confidence immediately. 


Choose from any of their soothing facial treatments or undergo the ultimate skin rejuvenation experience with their microdermabrasion and microneedling services. Their team of skincare professionals is expertly trained to bring back the glow and radiance of your skin using the finest skincare products on the market today. 


Blush Boutique owner Sammie Barton is especially proud of its Dermalux LED Phototherapy treatments. If you’re suffering from tired and lifeless skin, undergoing Dermalux Phototherapy will energise your skin cells giving you instant complexion boost that lasts a long time. This treatment promotes speedy skin cell renewal and addresses a wide variety of skin woes, too. Clients can book for a single Dermalux Phototherapy treatment or add the service on top of other facial and skincare services. 


Blush Boutique - Thoughtful Beauty Services Provider in Canberra


Blush Boutique is more than an opulent salon for clients who want to spoil themselves with luxurious hair and beauty treatments. It’s a thoughtful salon that offers high-performance and eco-friendly beauty solutions that raise awareness for sustainable beauty. 


Blush Boutique is in cooperation with Sustainable Salon, a program that encourages the repurposing and upcycling of salon waste materials. This conscious effort empowers the salon to charge an extra $2 for every service rendered. The proceeds then go towards research and development to create solutions that will help reduce waste products from salons all over Australia. 


With all the services and top-notch brands that it offers, Blush Boutique is your ultimate one-stop-shop for pampered beauty. Book an appointment with one of the finest boutique salons in Canberra today!