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9 Steps to Perfectly Styled Hair with Styling Products article featured image by

For salon owners, standing out with exceptional hair styling services can truly distinguish your business. Working in the competitive business industry, you are aware of the importance of transferring your clients more than just a service. At the end of the day, the success of any hair salon professional boils down to delivering an experience that leaves them feeling transformed and radiant. Investing in premium styling products will be your key to crafting signature looks that not only please but also thrill your clients. From taming wild curls to achieving the perfect sleek finish, the right products are key to turning tricky hair styling into opportunities for creativity.

Let’s look at the essentials of a perfectly styled hair repertoire with us. We detail nine tried and true tips, informed by professional insights, to enhance your hair styling expertise. Learn how to choose and use the best products that promote style while maintaining hair health. These strategies are geared towards refining your techniques and increasing your salon’s profitability by drawing and keeping a happy customer base eager for your exceptional service. Join us as we reveal how to consistently deliver salon-perfect hair every time.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Hair Styling Products Effectively

Start with a Clean Canvas

To achieve the best results from styling, begin with clean, well-prepped hair. A product like Nak Dry Clean Shampoo offers a swift cleansing solution, making it ideal for salon use when time is of the essence. This dry shampoo absorbs excess oils and refreshes hair instantly, providing a clean base for any style and reducing the need for frequent washes.

Invest in Quality Styling Tools

The right tools are crucial for achieving professional results. High-quality flat irons, curling wands, hairdryers, and brushes allow for precise styling and are durable enough for salon use. Look for tools with adjustable heat settings and ensure they are regularly sanitised to maintain performance.

Shield Hair with Heat Protectant

Heat styling can take a toll on hair health. Protect your clients’ locks with De Lorenzo Defence Thermal Spray. This spray not only guards against heat damage but also infuses hair with Argan Oil, enhancing moisture retention and reducing frizz. It’s lightweight and doesn’t leave a residue, making it perfect for all hair types.

Select the Right Styling Products

Selecting the right hair styling products is essential for achieving optimal results tailored to individual hair types and styles. For those seeking to enhance volume, a volumising mousse or spray can significantly lift and add body to the hair. For managing frizz and achieving a smoother appearance, a high-quality smoothing serum or cream is recommended. It’s beneficial for both stylists and clients to try different products, experimenting to find which formulations best suit their unique hair types and styling needs.

Master the Blow-Dry Technique

Learning the art of the blow-dry can make a difference in one’s hairstyle. Start by using a high-quality hairdryer to whisk away excess moisture—think of it as setting the stage for what’s to come. Then, grab a round brush to smooth and volumise as you go as this is your best tool for sculpting the perfect shape and adding that salon-level bounce. Finish off with a cool blast from your dryer. It seals in your style, boosts shine, and keeps everything looking great longer. 

Utilise Styling Creams and Powders

Incorporating styling creams and powders into your hair care routine can significantly enhance and transform your hairstyles. Take, for example, Affinage Contour Cream. This product is not just a styling aid; it’s a treatment enriched with marula and camellia seed oil, which work together to nourish the hair while controlling frizz and providing essential heat protection. Such dual-action products are vital for maintaining healthy, styled hair under regular thermal exposure. If you are looking to add volume, the CPR Volume Maximiser is an outstanding product. It doesn’t merely lift the roots but also strengthens the hair, providing a noticeable body and a polished, smooth finish. Using these hair styling products allows for versatile styling options, enabling both the enhancement of natural hair textures and the creation of new, voluminous styles without compromising hair health.

Moderate Heat Usage

Using heat styling tools judiciously is important to maintain healthy hair. Although these tools can create stunning styles, their excessive use leads to damage such as breakage and dryness. To prevent this, always recommend setting tools to the lowest effective temperature. This approach reduces the risk of heat damage while still achieving the desired results. Likewise, avoid applying heat directly to the same section of hair for prolonged periods. Instead, keep the tool moving to distribute heat more evenly. 

Embrace Natural Textures

Embracing and enhancing natural hair textures, particularly for clients with curly hair, is essential for showcasing their inherent beauty. A diffuser is an invaluable tool for this purpose as it allows you to gently dry curls without disturbing their natural pattern, ensuring that each curl’s shape and integrity are preserved. To further define and nourish curly hair, the use of products specifically formulated for curls, such as CPR Curly Defining Creme, is recommended. This creme is enriched with nourishing oils and proteins, which are important for the health and elasticity of curly hair. It works to deeply moisturise each strand, minimising frizz and adding definition, which results in curls that are soft, bouncy, and beautifully defined. 

Set the Style with a Quality Spray

To guarantee that hairstyles remain impeccable throughout the day, it’s crucial to finish with a high-quality setting spray like CPR Finish Sol Hair Spray. This product is specifically designed to provide a robust, enduring hold that effectively combats humidity, ensuring that the style stays intact and looks fresh, regardless of the weather conditions. Unlike some sprays that leave a flaky residue, CPR Finish Sol Hair Spray maintains the hairstyle’s aesthetics and integrity without any flakiness, ensuring a clean, polished look. Its formulation also allows for easy brushing, which is perfect for salon settings where hairstyles may need to be adjusted or redone throughout the day.

Find the Best Wholesale Beauty Supplies Today at Beauty Warehouse

Achieving perfectly styled hair requires a combination of the right techniques and premium styling products. From starting with a clean canvas and investing in quality tools to mastering the blow-dry technique and embracing natural textures, each step is crucial. Heat protection, the use of professional styling creams and powders, and the careful selection of products tailored to different hair types ensure that your clients leave the salon looking and feeling their best. By moderating heat usage and finishing with a quality setting spray, you can maintain the integrity and beauty of any hairstyle throughout the day.

Ready to level up your salon’s offerings and impress your clients with flawless hairstyles? Browse our extensive range of top-tier styling products and tools at Beauty Warehouse. For additional enquiries, call our direct line on 1300 929 033 today or visit our branches in Mortdale, Caringbah, Five Dock, and Campbelltown. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to redefine excellence in hair styling with our expert products here at Beauty Warehouse.